Before You Sneak Peek

I can’t believe there’s only ten days left before my newest book, Before You, becomes available. The print version is already available for purchase at The cover is beautiful. I absolutely love it! Readers can also get the book early by entering my Goodreads giveaway. Enter for a chance to win one of 100 (!) copies of Before You. Winners will be able to download the ebook to their Kindle on May 25th.

Be sure to get your copy at the special new release price of $2.99 (available for Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo) before the price increases to $4.99 after June 18th. Okay, enough with the business side of book promotion right? Get right to what the headlines about, yeah? Well, here you go…


We’re getting close to the exit for DU. I give Xander directions to my place, and we drive in comfortable silence for the rest of the ride. Soon, he’s parking alongside the curb in front of my place. The lights are on, set to a timer.

“Looks cute.” He turns off the engine.


He clears his throat. Avoids eye contact. I’ve embarrassed him.

“Cute is the perfect word to describe my one bedroom, one bathroom rental with a backyard that’s a privacy lover’s dream come true. Thanks, Xander.”

“You don’t live far from campus.”

He’s stating the obvious, but I don’t call him out on it. I’ve already embarrassed him.

“Nope,” I answer. The “P” pops. Crap, I’m sounding like a clueless high schooler.

Is he as nervous as I am wondering what our next step is? Do we pretend tonight, including our kiss, didn’t happen? Or do we pretend to be a couple? I tug at my collar. I’ll have a swath of red and irritated skin tomorrow after my unwise wardrobe pick.

“I’ll help.”


“With the house.”

“You don’t owe me, Xander.”

“I want to. Gives me something to do. Will keep me out of trouble off the field.”

“How’s practice? Must be nice with all this sunshine when normally the temperature starts to cool.” I sound like a weather nut.

A sly smile. “What is it I’m practicing?”

I roll my eyes. “Xander, you can’t be that clueless. The stands are packed with girls ogling you and your teammates’ bodies.”

And that’s just at practice. The games are crazier.

“I was teasing, Allistar. And yeah, I noticed. I have my own group of groupies, the XXB.”

“XXB? What does that even stand for?” Dirty thoughts click in my head. I suck in a breath. “Don’t tell me it’s short for something like double extra-large boner.” I cover my on-fire face and groan. “I can’t believe I said the ‘B’ word.”

He laughs. “It was cute.”

I peel my fingers off my face. “Boner is cute?”

“When you say it? Yep. Do you ‘ogle’ my XXB?”

“We are not calling your penis that. No way.”

“If I tell what XXB stands for, can we?”

I do want to know. “Okay, tell.”