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Taron Vaughn. He’s a guy from my past I never thought I’d see again. Star quarterback. King of the game. A cocky jerk that at one point in my life took up available space in my heart until a kiss destroyed us.

Taron now plays ball at my college and he is after more than a championship win. He wants to punish me for that kiss. Demand I serve up on a silver platter my pride, my body, and my absolute loyalty. Sorry, Champ, but I didn’t spend years drama-proofing my life for you to come barging in and dismantling it piece by piece.


One listen, one chance, one wish. What Syn Winters promised me. I got none of those things. Instead she ripped my heart out of my chest then disappeared. Ghosted. She should know better than to ghost a hot-tempered bastard like me. I’m here to collect on what’s mine and after I punish Syn for her sins against me, I’ll walk away with my heart whole again. Except nothing with Syn is ever easy or what it seems.

Available Now for Preorder: Release Date December 13, 2020


Malice Sterling. Hot. Rich. Moody. Part of the in-crowd. Lusted after by the hottest girls. On the outside, he has an enviable life. On the inside, he’s a mess. A hot-tempered, smoking hot mess. That’s where I come in. His parents staged an intervention, hiring me as his live-in babysitter. I won’t let his sabotaging derail my plan of succeeding in something after failing everything life throws my way. Malice Sterling, let the hate game begin.


Rue Lee. Stubborn. A pain in the ass. Doesn’t listen to a word anyone says. Would rather do the complete opposite of what she’s told. We’re too alike. Butt heads at every turn, be it in the inside of my car or my bedroom. Those places could be one and the same. You see, I can’t decide whether to kiss Rue or spank her. One thing I’m certain of, I am a grown dude and can take care of myself, spank you very much. Play your games, Rue. We know who will come out on top. Smirk.

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