New Adult Romance Series

I’m so excited to be sharing news of my newest new adult romance series, Kiss Starter, including the covers and the book blurbs.

The craziness all started with a kiss. At a bar. That rocks a hulking mechanical bull. Three very different girls with secret lives. Three hunky guys ready to do whatever it takes to protect them.

Welcome to the Kiss Starter series! Enjoy everyone! Before You (Kiss Starter Book 1) and Kissing Game (Kiss Starter Book 2) is available for pre-order at Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes&Noble. The print version of Before You will be available soon.

Before You

A fake boyfriend she never wanted.

Ryan Allie Allistar understood from a young age true love and happy-ever-after doesn’t exist. Her college mantra? Head down, grades up, and stay away from the guys until after graduation. Period.

The chance for a memorable year.

When a night of celebrating leads to a scary run-in with a guy from her past, and sexy rugby team captain, Xander Brody, steps in and declares he’s her boyfriend, Ryan faces rethinking how she wants to live her last year of college.

They’re not anyone’s idea of the perfect match.

She’s not into college guys. And definitely not guys with commitment issues. He prefers coeds with experience in the sack. But to survive the mayhem of a stalker on the loose, an unsolved murder, and a secret double life on the verge of unraveling before their eyes, Ryan and Xander will have to convince everyone they’re “the real deal” even if it means crossing the unspoken boundaries of their friend zone.

Kissing Game

Sworn enemies

Asher Tran has disliked Ezekiel Harrington since the day he yanked on her ponytail and stuck his tongue down her throat on a dare. That was in grade school. Fast forward to their last year of college and Asher is confident she’s changed for the better. Ezekiel? He’s the same. Rich. Cocky. Could care less whose feelings he hurts. Has a following of love-struck coeds.

So he plays rugby and has a super fine body? Big deal. A jerk is a jerk is a jerk.

A dangerous proposition

When Ezekiel asks for her help—he’s failing one of his classes (no surprise there)—Asher counteroffers with a dangerous proposition. It’s time someone reforms the bad boy.

Putting their hearts on the line

But when their arrangement brings them closer than they’ve ever let anyone in, Asher and Zeke are left wondering if their differences will keep them together or…tear them apart.

Nora Ever After

Playing it safe

“Safe” is Nora Sanchez’s friend. “Danger” is her enemy. Stick with those two words and she’ll never hurt again.

Opposites attract

Nora avoids physical contact. Galley Rutherford can’t get enough of the coeds touching him. Him touching them. When a night of trouble brings Nora and Galley in proximity, they’re drawn to one another. Why doesn’t she like to be touched? Why can’t he keep his hands to himself?

Hearts beating as one

The more they learn to use touch and words to understand one another, the harder they’re falling into a safe friend zone. Or is it dangerous when words and touching take them down a path toward heartbreak?

Interested in what comes first when I start a new story? Is it plot? Characters’ names? The book blurb? I’m at Coffee Time Romance dishing on how my stories come to life. Stop on by!