The State of My Writing

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Hello everyone,

I hope this post finds you staying safe and managing the anxiety around what’s happening in our world with the COVID-19 virus. In my neck of the woods, we are practicing social distancing, only going to public spaces for necessities such as groceries.

My kids are home from school until the end of April but there are rumors that school could be shut down for the rest of the year. It’s best to be safe so I’m glad my kids are home. They get regular emails from their teachers touching base and reaching out, providing online learning resources to keep the kids occupied.

As for myself, I’m doing a lot of reading, slowly going through my huge to-be-read pile that lives on my Kindle and Apple Books app. I’ve also been looking through in search of the perfect black and white images for the covers to the spin-off to my Kiss Starter series, Kiss Starter Rivals. I can’t wait to share these next couples’ stories:  Bobby Bliss and Ever Moretti, Arie Kim and Riot O’Sullivan, and Gwen Bliss and Tanner Knight.

With all that is going on in our world, I hope you’ll browse through the listing of books in the Spring Into Romance sale. Stories make us laugh, cry, feel.

From Nora Ever After:

“Another question, and I swear I won’t ask any more dumb questions. And don’t be relaying what we talked about to Asher, okay? I’ll never hear the last of it, of how romantic I am when I’m not.”

I grip the steering wheel. Fan my fingers over the leather. This isn’t me. Nervous as all get out. Putting my heart on the line for a girl I barely know. Shouldn’t know. Abuse is deep shit I’m not ready for. I blow out a breath.

Sputter out a, “How do I get a girl to fall for my mind and my heart?”

I expect Peyton to laugh. Scoff. Look at me like I’m off my rocker. She doesn’t do jack shit. Ryan’s rental is ahead of us. I park. See Asher and Zeke coming up from the rear in Asher’s sporty FR-S.

Peyton shifts in her seat. Softness in her eyes and on her face. “If you’re speaking of Nora, Asher told me about her no-touching rule in case I ran into them off campus. Don’t mind my abuse talk, Galley. It’s an assumption, and I could be dead wrong. Asher and her friends are into movies. They also love their romance books.” She digs in her bag. “Asher said Nora’s favorites are the second-chance love stories.” She hands me her cell. “You mind putting in your number?”

Curious, I put my number in her contacts and give her back her phone. She moves her fingers on the screen. My phone in the cupholder pings.

“I sent you the title of a book you and she will like. The story deals with friendship, forgiveness, and trusting in a love that’s kind, patient, and true.”

“Aw, Peyton, my girl, you are a romantic after my heart.”

I extend my arm. Squeeze her shoulder. She pushes away my hand.

“I am not getting Nora’s number for you from Asher.” She points at my cell. “Download a reading app. Buy the book. Read it to Nora.”

“Read a book to her?”

My eyes must be wide. Peyton laughs.

“When was the last time you read a book?”

“Last semester.”

“The title?”

“Something along the lines of business, people, and ethics.”

“A textbook? Your last read was a freaking college textbook? Sheesh.”

“Hey, I don’t have the time, okay?”

“Or you can’t read.”

“Believe me, I can read. How else could I have gotten into one of the best private colleges on this side of the coast?”

“Your dad’s money? Rutherford Construction.” She shrugs. “It’s no secret Zeke Harrington’s dad buys up blocks of businesses in Montgomery and Alexandria then hires your dad’s company to do the redesigns and rebuilds.”

She unbuckles. Bites down on her bottom lip. Dark brows slanted toward her nose. “Look, I’m sorry for saying something to the effect that you’re illiterate. What I meant to say is if you want to make an impression on a girl like Nora, you’ll need to touch her in a different way other than physical. Stories help us feel. Connect us as human beings.” She opens the door. “Give it a try. The worst thing that can happen is she asks you to stop reading. And the best thing that could happen…” She gets out. “You and Nora will write your own cool story.”

She closes the door and runs over to Asher’s car.

Huh. Our own cool story, eh? I smile. I can see the title now, Nora Ever After.

New Release Alert

I’m so excited to share that both my books in the Dangerous Liaisons Series is now available at all major eBook retailers. Each book can be read as a standalone but it’s best to read them in order. For Wicked, click here for all major retailers. For Amazon, click here. For Savior or Sinner, click here for all major retailers. For Amazon, click here.

“She’s mine. She will always be mine. You want her, you fight for her.”

Nail and bail, that’s me, Ryker Conway. A relationship is a complication I don’t need, the last thing on my radar. I’m too close to making my dream of playing ball professionally come true.

When a bet is thrown down—nail and bail on a girl I wouldn’t look at once, much less twice, and I’ll get my chance with the coed of my wet dreams—I readily agree.

What I’m not expecting is to get tangled in Harper Garrix’s messed-up life. Or for her to get under my skin in this hot and dangerous way no girl’s done before.

But the bet and my football dreams are the least of my worries. Something wicked from Harper’s past is coming for her, threatening my place at her side. I’m not having it. To get to her, the wicked of the world will have to go through me.

A sinner, the bad guy, that’s me, Shephard Taylor. I’m done being bad. I want to do and be good. Prove to Harper Garrix, the woman I care for, I’m up for being reformed.

I get my chance when I stop a robbery and assault. Imagine my surprise when the scared and shaken-up woman looks like she could be Harper’s twin. Harlow Voss. Meek. Reed thin. Vulnerable.

I take Harlow under my wing and train her to be stronger and faster. The temptation of her body tests me. The mystery behind the reason we crossed paths that day stokes my curiosity.

My suspicions are spot on. Harlow isn’t who she portrays herself to be. She isn’t meek or vulnerable. She’s dangerous. And her godawful truths will drop me to my knees, making me question the power of love to destroy or . . . forgive.

All Romance Book Fair

Ready to find your next romance read? Browse through the offering of books from over 50+ authors. There’s something for everyone. Romance of course, but there’s romantic comedy, urban fantasy romance, and paranormal romance too. Click on the image below to be taken to the HUGE listing of books! Grab a book or two or three. Sale ends February 18th.

I Dare You Cover Reveal

What I love about being an Indie author is the control I have over my work. For a while now, I’ve been going back and forth on whether to make a box set of the books in my Dare You series or to combine the two stories into one longer novel.

I wrote Near Perfect back in 2014 and then released the second book, Torn, in 2015. In the six years since I’ve learned a lot about the writing craft.

So, I took the jump and did what I’ve been wanting to do–combine the books into ONE book. I also changed the point of view from third person to first person similar to what I did with my Reckless Series. Isn’t the cover sexy? I Dare You will be released soon.

Have you read ALL of my contemporary romances? Ready for a sneak peek of my upcoming book release, Wicked, sent straight to your reading device? Click here for the first two chapters (unedited). Wicked is set for a March 24th release date.

Steamy eBook Reads

Need a steamy book or two or three to read over this three-day weekend? Browse through the listing from over 30 authors in the January Small Town Romance Sale and We Love Vampire Romances Sale. My books are part of the sale too :). Have a great weekend everyone and happy reading!

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Nightbound: Seducing the Vampire Slayer is on SALE

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I love writing paranormal romance for the world building and of course, the various creatures I can put in the story. A book starts with an idea. For Nightbound, I had Romeo and Juliet in mind and my blurb hints at a story of star-crossed lovers and a feud. Two houses at war. In secret we meet. If we should meet again, how should I greet you, as friend or foe? Seems very medieval, doesn’t it?

I took the story a step further and added modern elements. My heroine, Phoenix Lancaster, rides a motorcycle. There’s a plane crash, electric spider zappers, and air gliders. But there’s also magic. And my creatures aren’t confined to Slayers and vampires. There are also werewolves, witches, wizards, mutant wolves, giant leeches, and TROLLS.

I had so much fun writing Phoenix Lancaster and Zane O’Days’s story. If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a world of magic and a tale of betrayal, redemption, and the power of love, consider reading Nightbound: Seducing the Vampire Slayer. Keep reading for a sneak peek :).

Sneak Peek

“Dammit, Phoenix, why do we continue to fight?”

For the life of him, Zane couldn’t dismiss her from his thoughts. Phoenix Lancaster intrigued him with her troublesome streak and stubbornness.

Discovering she had a cunning mind, a smart mouth, and enough strength to wield her weapons with ease made the whole package more tempting during their amusing encounters.

Beneath him, she lay still as a rock. However, he couldn’t ignore or get out of his head, the lusciousness of her body beneath his, edging him closer to a baser instinct to claim her.

Attempting to think past his erection, he searched her face for signs her resolve was slipping. Defiance stared back at him, her glare as hot as the sun must be if he could lie beneath it without burning to a crisp.

“Fighting is what we’re meant to do, Sam. Now get your large body off of me.”

Sam—the name he’d taken when he moved to Williamsburg after his parents’ deaths six months ago. Sam sounded the closest to Zane.

His gaze fell on her lips before settling on her eyes. “I’m satisfied to stay like this.”

She inhaled, and her breasts beneath her shirt pressed against his chest. Ripples of heat washed over him. Zane bit the inside of his cheek. The corners of her mouth hitched slightly upward before the glare returned.

“Your satisfaction is none of my concern.” Her eyes stayed locked on his.

Zane wanted to tell her to look her fill. That soon she would see everything he had to offer her. Her unwavering glare kept him quiet.

No use riling her more. He needed her to return to his place willingly. Otherwise they could have an outright war between the two factions of ruling houses.

Seeming to understand that truth, her glower faded. She licked her lips. He followed the movement. Her pink tongue and warm mouth… God, what could her sweet mouth do to his cock? Groaning, he lowered his head. She turned hers.

“Get relief with someone else. You won’t be touching me with your fangs or that scary bulge in your pants.”

Laughter rumbled out of him, and he hid his enjoyment of her comment in the crook of her neck. Beneath him she stilled.

Did she think she would be nonexistent with her quiet breaths? The opposite happened. Zane was aware of everything, from the round and abundant perfection of her breasts beneath her body-hugging black shirt to how well his erection settled in the space between her slender legs.

Zane longed to sink his fangs into her jugular and pull and suck and feed on her sweetness and hint of spiciness.

Yet taking blood came with complications Zane wasn’t ready for. And there was the risk of puncturing his bottom lip with his fangs and inadvertently sharing his blood with the Slayer. Sharing blood would bind him and Phoenix in an intimate manner. Zane didn’t mind physical intimacy but a blood bind?

He lifted his head away from her scent. Zane could do without the complication. He grazed his mouth over the curve of her ear and whispered one, simple word.


Small Town Romance Sale

A new year brings with it new opportunities and I’m so excited to share that I’ll be partnering with various authors to send straight to your inbox news of book sales based on themes. Growing up, I lived near a library and I absolutely loved cruising the paperback section for my next book to read. And if I love that author’s book, I went back for more and read ALL of her back list. This was how I found great authors such as Lisa Kleypas, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Christina Dodd, and the very talented Sherrilyn Kenyon.

With how immersed we are with technology, why not offer an e-landing page that is similar to a library’s paperback shelf and the books are grouped by themes? Added bonus? Readers can “peruse” the shelf at their convenience.

Ready to lose yourself in a small town romance? Click on the image above to be sent to the landing page and browse through the listing of books offered by over 30 authors. Happy reading!