Happy Book Release Day

Happy Book Release Day to Xander Brody and Ryan Allie Allistar from Before You. I can’t believe the day is finally here. I had so much fun writing Before You. The story incorporates one of my favorite romance tropes–the fake relationship that becomes something much more real than our hero or heroine believes it’ll be when they’d agreed to become a “fake” couple.

Before You is available in print and ebook format at the below retailers. I hope you pick up your copy.

A fake boyfriend she never wanted.

Ryan Allie Allistar understood from a young age true love and happy-ever-after doesn’t exist. Her college mantra? Head down, grades up, and stay away from the guys until after graduation. Period.

The chance for a memorable year.

When a night of celebrating leads to a scary run-in with a guy from her past, and sexy rugby team captain, Xander Brody, steps in and declares he’s her boyfriend, Ryan faces rethinking how she wants to live her last year of college.

They’re not anyone’s idea of the perfect match.

She’s not into college guys. And definitely not guys with commitment issues. He prefers coeds with experience in the sack. But to survive the mayhem of a stalker on the loose, an unsolved murder, and a secret double life on the verge of unraveling before their eyes, Ryan and Xander will have to convince everyone they’re “the real deal” even if it means crossing the unspoken boundaries of their friend zone.

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