UnMarked Page 95

Continuing from the following post, I’m sharing page 95 (the year Mr. Mathews and I were married) of UnMarked in anticipation of the release of Seeker (January 15th) and the sale of Luminescence (January 11-15). Enjoy!

“You accepted, Sophie, but not me. You never asked me what I wanted.”

Anger colored his eyes a dark shade of emerald. She looked past his shoulder and blinked away the tears. Dom was right. Though he had begged her to trash the contract, she hadn’t been ready to watch him die.

“I did what was best for us,” she said, “and I had faith in you. I knew you’d be strong and you haven’t failed me. You survived, and you’re successful.”

He pounded his fist on the side of the wheelchair. “You weren’t around to witness my hell.”

“And you withheld the truth.” She got off his lap and went on her knees in front of him until they were eye to eye. “A few days before my murder, your mood swung from low to high then back into a depression again.”

Her heart pounded out of control and blood surged in her ears. Could she continue? Should she say aloud her accusation?

“It was after a meeting you had with who you called business associates. Tell me who these men were?”

His eyes implored her to not ask, but she had to know the truth. “Did my brothers contact you? Did they coerce you into having your men kill me?”

The expression on his face told her he would take the truth to his grave. Fine. She’d get her truth from the brother who’d stuck by her while everyone else had abandoned her.

However, she’d come to Seattle for more than just her truth. Dom was innocent. She was sure of it. And he had to know what he was up against.