Echo Page 95

Four more days until Seeker is released, available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple. Here’s page 95 of Echo.

“I’m sorry, Echo.” Flyn bowed. “Snow was never hated, just misunderstood.” He handed Stone a rolled up contract that looked familiar. “As of two nights ago, Snow is dead and you live free, Echo Summers.”

Beaming, Stone walked out the door with her and Rourke’s marriage contract in his possession.

“No more hiding.”

“Flyn’s right,” Cage said. “Stay and face the truth of your potential.”

“I don’t understand.” Energy seeped from her.

Muscular arms tucked under her knees and lifted her against a solid chest. Wrapping her gloved hands around Rourke’s neck, she whispered. “Take me to the tunnels, please. I need to recharge.”

“The tunnels are not the answer.” He carried her to the chair and sat with her on his lap. “Cipher is dying. He dies, you die. That is the symbiotic relationship his father created.”

Echo unclasped her arms from around his neck and settled her hands on her lap. His concern confused her, and she refused to acknowledge the heat settling in her belly from being near him.

“What Cipher has is temporary. I’ll ride the tunnels, and when my strength is at full power, I’ll give him my energy.” She wouldn’t break her promise though Cipher admitted to betraying her.

Cage shook his head. “You don’t get it. With Cipher, you’ll die. Without Rourke, you’ll die. The three of you are connected in a manner we now understand. Your link to Cipher was created by the madness of his father. Your ties to Rourke are… are from your mother’s destiny as a Concealer. Rourke is what Nick is to December. Rourke is your soulmate.”