Luminescence on Sale January 12th

Luminescence, the third book in my Extinction Series, will be on sale at Amazon only for 0.99 (regular price 3.99) January 11-January 15th. The title will also be available at the sale price for UK readers. To celebrate the sale, and the upcoming release of the fifth book, Seeker, on January 15th, I’ll be sharing a sneak peek from page number 95 from all the Extinction books except for the novella, Protector. Why page 95? That’s the year Mr. Mathews and I married :). Let’s start off with page 95 from Luminescence. Enjoy! Next up, UnMarked then Echo and Seeker. Thank you for letting me share snippets from my books!

While December had been inside the run-down building, he’d put out calls to his local contacts. A piece of information inside the file had been his saving grace.

December had once lived in Portland, blocks from the hotel where she was staying at. It had been a decade ago but someone local might remember her. Crimson had only provided him a sliver of the last twenty-seven years of December’s life. But what little they’d given him was important.

December’s hopes and dreams weren’t displayed on his computer screen in a word document. Instead, images—a collage—revealed what she’d wanted most from life. She’d cut and pasted pictures of wedding dresses, gardens, motorcycles, and exotic locations, interspersing the clippings with photographs of her laughing with friends and making faces at the camera.

Two photographs had hit him hard. Cradling a guitar in her lap while holding on to a pick, she’d looked away from the camera with unmistakable longing on her face. Next to that photograph was the blurred image of a baby. Was that what she wanted most in life, a family? Different for a woman suspected of luring in kids for a sadistic serial killer. But her change could be explained with what Crimson believed she had—Stockholm Syndrome.

Whether or not she truly had Stockholm, Nick began to formulate a plan to break down her defenses. He’d use her hopes and dreams to earn her trust enough so that she’d lead him to her kidnapper. But to do so, he had to get past his hatred for her.

She had four days to live. His anger had festered for six months. He didn’t have enough time to clean the deep wound of hatred and vengeance.