Sneak Peek: Seeker

Ten more days! I so can’t wait to share London and Lucas’ story. Here’s a sneak peek. Seeker will be available in print and ebook.

After the last scream faded, London stopped in a crouching position. Demons bled from their carotid and femoral arteries. She rushed them and hacked off their heads, giving them mercy. They disappeared in a flash of light.

The humming persisted. London pivoted.

A lone form stepped from behind a column. This demon was tall and his body a hulking mass of muscles beneath his clothes. She narrowed her eyes.

Did the gray cloak conceal more than his sword or swords from her? London heard a rumor the demons were packing guns. She wouldn’t put it past them.

Anything to win a fight.

She detested guns. Guns pierced her cloak of invisibility and innocent humans could get caught in the crossfires. Pushing that rumor aside, she concentrated on the monster in front of her.

He took a step and another. Power rolled off his body like a wave of desert heat.

“Ready for some foreplay, little girl?” The cloak’s hood hid his face, but London didn’t miss the hunger in his red eyes.

She shrugged. “Sorry, but I don’t make out with moody monsters.”

“Moody?” He laughed, the sound low and throaty, meant to intimidate or, seduce. “With what you’re wearing, you’ll lighten any man’s mood.”

He reached behind and pulled out his sword. As he brought the sword forward, the blade caught the moonlight. How many heads and body parts had he chopped off with that massive weapon?

Their gazes locked.

She slammed her swords into their sheaths and flung her sticks. He knocked down the swarm of metal in one fell swoop with the flat side of his sword.

Her heart beat fast, and keeping him in her line of sight, she yanked out her swords. He had the nerve to crook a gloved finger. London smirked. The demon meant what he said. He wanted foreplay with his fight.

So be it.

She sauntered to him. As she swayed her hips side to side, London ran the tips of her swords on the pavement. Sparks lit her path.

“I’m ready to go all the way,” she purred.

She attacked. He sidestepped her blows. The tip of his sword aimed for her heart. London crisscrossed her blades and intercepted the hit. He leaned in. She pushed, ducked and elbowed him in the gut. He grunted and stumbled backward.

She skittered back. “That was the worst foreplay.” She pouted.

He approached with renewed purpose in his strides. London’s stomach knotted. Oh hell, she was in trouble for mocking him.

The strikes from his sword came fast and hard. Her swords were knocked from her grip, and she was backed into a cement column. Strong hands grabbed her wrists and stretched her arms over her head.

The monster leaned in, burrowed his face in her hair and inhaled. London held still. Pesky monster, always wanting a whiff of her scent.

“You smell good, babe. Didn’t take you long to lure them away dressed like that.”

“Following me again?”

“All the way to your place if you’ll let me.” He intertwined their fingers. “Will you?”

“We can wait another week.”

“Should we?” He loosened his hold on her wrists and edged closer.

All rational thought went out the door. London inhaled a deep breath. Bad idea. A hint of mint and spice, Lucas’ scent. She melted into him, and oh, my, the thick bulge under his pants pressing on her stomach…


His voice raspy and filled with need, he cupped her hips, dipped his head and covered her cool skin with hot kisses. London’s body heated from head to toe. Her breasts grew heavy. Wetness slicked her panties. Breathless, she stuck her fingers in his hair and shoved his face in her cleavage.

He licked and nuzzled the swells of her breasts.

“Gods, that feels so good, Lucas.”

“I can make it better. Let me suck and lick every part of your body.”

“Here?” she squeaked.

“Why not?”