Happy New Year!

A new year to me is like waking up to a new day but on a larger scale. I reflect back on my writing life and my regular life and wonder if I achieved a balance or not. I think I did in a way. Because of what happened in my personal life, I spent less time on my writing. Which is fine. Releasing one book (Hate to Want You) this year is good. Seeker comes out in two weeks, and I’m SO excited to be sharing London’s and Lucas’ story and Cage’s and Scarlett’s.

What’s in the plans for 2019? Aside from making more books available in paperback, I’ll be working on Outcast: Universal Law. I’ve been wanting to write Dante’s story for a long time now. I also have a New Adult romance brewing in my head. The plot is there. I just need the names of my hero and heroine to pop in my head.

2019 promises to be another busy year. Thank you for continuing to follow my writing and publishing journey. I appreciate everyone’s support. Happy New Year!