How “Resting” a Story Inspired Me to Continue Writing

I’m so excited to share the news of another book release. Seeker, the fifth book in my Extinction series, is available for pre-order at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBook. Release date is January 15th, and there will be two love stories—London and Lucas’, and Cage and Scarlett’s.

Lucas and London’s love story has been percolating in my head since 2010. I introduced Lucas in Protector:  Prequel to the Extinction series. In his cameo, readers got a snippet of who he is. He’s sarcastic, a good friend, a fierce fighter, and he’s very important to hunters in their secret war against demons.

Excerpt from Protector:

 Behind her, she heard the distinct sound of steel slicing through air. She snatched her sword and turned in time to deflect the knife meant for the back of her head. In the window of an old warehouse, she saw the reflection of multiple flashes of light. Another hunter?

“Need help?”

Grinning,she cut down the remaining demons surrounding her before she acknowledged the man who’d arrived in time to help her. “Nice to see you, Lucas.”

He tipped his chin at her, looking too casual as he wiped blood off his sword with a shirt he’d ripped off one of the disintegrating demons.

“I need a favor from you.”

He sheathed his sword and circled her. “What could my enemy want of me aside from cutting my head off?”

She went up to him and smacked him on the shoulder. He winced. “Cut the ‘I’m a bad-ass demon’ crap. You have a soul. That’s more than what they had.” She pointed at the ground. Red embers faded and disappeared. “I want you to look for someone. You have connections.”

Lucas Maserati. He was an Elite and the Elders’ bodyguard. The position put him in high esteem with those hunters who hated demons, with or without a soul.

In UnMarked, I set up more of Lucas’ story.

Excerpt from UnMarked:

Of her brothers, Lucas resented love the most, said the cursed emotion was for the weak and pathetic. She had disagreed, swearing that one day, a woman’s love would bring him to his knees. He had laughed at her rebuttal and said the world would have to end before that happened. What moment in his past could have caused such bitterness?

What happened in his past that caused such bitterness? That was my question too, and the answer became the premise for Seeker.

In my last blog post, I mentioned how my epiphanies inspired me to continue writing rather than quitting. When we let our stories “rest”, the answers for why our characters do what they do or say what they say come to us on a subconscious level.

The “a-ha’s” below inspired me to continue writing. I hope they inspire you to want to read Seeker.

  1. In my first draft, I didn’t know why Lucas was in Seattle. With a quarter of the story to write before “The End”, the reason came to me. This reason changed the course of the story to the point I revised the book blurb!
  2. In the original draft, Katz is a hunter. In the final version, Katz is an Angler demon. Changing his origin seemed small but it had a huge effect on the storyline. Makes sense now why London kept her feelings about their marriage hidden from Lucas.
  3. The demon that frisked London let her keep the sapphire necklace Lucas bought her. Why?
  4. The importance of London and Lucas making love before her suicide mission.
  5. The importance of the scars on Lian’s and Mace’s body and what connection those scars have to London’s past.
  6. London’s reason for taking the suicide mission.
  7. Why did London risk her marriage to Lucas by letting Katz live with and train her?

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