I Almost Quit Writing

I have a confession to make. I almost called it quits on the writing life. I was ready to yank Seeker:  The Extinction Series off pre-order and never publish another book. Was I going through burn-out? Self-doubt? Should I be doing something else with my time?

There are so many books out there, how will anyone find my stories? I want to share my protagonists’ journey of finding acceptance, truth, redemption, and love. Along the way, they become better versions of themselves. I hope, anyways. Have I told you how difficult it is to write and finish a story? How taxing it is on a mental and physical level?

Recently I had writer’s block and zero motivation to sit in front of the computer and write. Feeling down, I told the hubby, “I’m never writing again. I’m done with publishing another book. Why write when I sell occasional copies here and there?”

His response? “Sweetheart, you’ve written, finished, and published many books on your own. You should be proud. How many people can say they’ve done that?”

Um, a lot, according to Amazon. But I don’t tell him that. He’s trying to make me feel better. He also knows my empty threats of quitting comes in waves. When I’m inspired, and life is going well, I happily write. When life goes to shit… Well, I want to quit. I don’t, though. I take a breather. Drink lots of wine. Eat lots of carbs. And zone out. Just kidding. Except for the carbs. I LOVE CARBS.

Mr. Mathews is used to my bouts of self-doubt and burn-out. I go through it every two or three years. Usually, I’m inspired to write again after I finish reading a work-in-progress. An epiphany on a plot point or a character’s motivation happens, and I MUST continue the story (more on my epiphanies for Seeker in my next post).

Hanging on the wall in my bedroom is a framed print. The print is simple. Only three important words. Live. Laugh. Love. When life goes well or to shit, like mine did a month and a half ago, I remind myself to live, laugh and love. And that’s how I get my inspiration, motivation and active imagination back ?.

On replay:  Beautiful by Bazzi

Quote: “Seduce my mind and you can have my body. Find my soul and I’m yours forever.” ~ Anonymous