Hate To Want You Now Available

Happy release date to Audrey and Walker from my contemporary romance, Hate To Want You. Their story is available at Amazon and at these retailers, too. I had so much fun writing their story. Of course, all stories have a beginning, right?

At first the story began as one of a woman needing to get away from her life. Don’t we all wish to drop everything and get away, start new? In my mind, she’d be an introvert with a writer’s block. Hmm, sounds familiar. She decides to go to a rural town, invited to stay with an avid reader of hers. This older fan has a hunky grandson. Said hunky grandson is not too fond of the new crasher at his grandmother’s place. Not after the bad experiences he’s had with prior squatters. But the new girl in town isn’t who she says she is. Is she really a prolific author with a writer’s block? Is she really in town for a break from the world? Or is there more to her? What MIT graduate is unemployed, for goodness sake?

And there is more to Audrey Benson, the heroine in Hate To Want You. She wants to be loved and accepted for who she is. Unfortunately, she’s afraid to reveal her true self (kick-ass, smart, independent), because of her family’s history for getting involved with the wrong side of the law. She’s also had a bad experience with a guy back in college, when we’re all still trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do with our lives. Unfortunately, the mess from that relationship affects how she sees men. She believes they’re all out to break her heart and that it’s better to be alone and not hurt than to be in a relationship and later get hurt.

As you can imagine, this belief is tested when sexy Walker Storm enters her life. He’s overprotective but wary of starting anything with Audrey. She’s mysterious with angst, a bad sign for him. His last relationship had crashed and burned, and not in a good way, either. Through their push and pull, tug and release of emotions, they discover they’re good together, after all, and taking a risk is worth a happily ever-after.

I hope you’ll grab yourself a copy of Hate To Want You!