Love, Actually (Red Meets Blue) On Sale

Love, Actually (Red Meets Blue) is on sale for 99 cents at all major e-book retailers! I love rags-to-riches stories along with friends-to-lovers trope. Tavi grew up in the poor side of town, taking on grown-up responsibilities too early in life. Her life gets better when she meets Sarah McCallister, sister of smoking hot, Jaxson McCallister, star college quarterback. Too bad he’s four years older and not into younger women, especially his sister’s BFF.

Tavi and Jaxson’s story is one of longing, misunderstandings, and redemption. I love knowing their stories, though, I admit it was difficult to write. Not only does Tavi have a noticeable physical scar but her mental well-being is tested after Sarah’s death.

I hope you download your copy of Love, Actually (Red Meets Blue), and I hope you enjoy an excerpt of their first kiss.

Love, Actually (Red Meets Blue) is available for Kindle, Nook, Apple Books, and Kobo.


That first kiss…

“You’re not ready.”

I glance up, and holy shit… “Your dress—” I walk circles around her unable to believe what I’m seeing.

“Is from the mardi gras party except I altered it.”

Altered is an understatement. I remember her dress well. The neckline dipped low enough to give me a good view of skin. And the way the dress hugged her slim body… I lick my mouth. She follows my movement. Her lips part. Yeah.


I run my thumb over the fullness of her bottom lip. “I’m looking forward to stripping you bare, Tavi.”

To make my point, I reach low and grab the bottom edge of the dress hitting just above her knees. My fingers graze her soft, silky skin, and she knocks her knees together. I bite down on my moan and my smile. Damn sexy.

I straighten and leaning close, I push aside the collar of the shirt she has on over her dress. Thank you, God, for the push-up bra she’s wearing. My knuckles skim over the top of her breast. She breathes in and out. Her warm skin rubs along my fingers, and all I see is a vivid image of her going up and down on my cock with her mouth.

With her head between my legs, I’d fist her hair in one hand and pinch and tweak her tits with the other just so she’d suck harder and faster, matching the rhythm of my fingers and the force of my pull on her hair.

Holy fuck.

I can’t hold back.

I grab her by the hair, yank her head back and clamp my mouth full on hers. She whimpers, and the soft sound shoots straight to my cock.

Needing her closer, wanting more of her, I palm her ass and bring her up and against my erection. She tilts her head and murmurs in my mouth. “I want you.”

“And I need you,” I say in between the kisses. Her first kiss? Who would’ve guessed?