Back in the Game

A lot has happened since my last post in May. I had neck surgery, my oldest graduated from high school, and the hubby and I are finally done with a basement/deck remodel that took almost two years to finish from bidding to final inspection. After recovering from all of this, I’m back to writing again.

There are a few works-in-progress that have been sitting on my computer for years that I’ll eventually revisit. There’s also two recent stories I’ve been working on ever since I saw and bought the premade covers. I’m hoping to release Hate to Want You by December. And the short novella, Three Reasons Why, soon after. The cover reveals will happen before the books go up for pre-order. Here’s a sneak peek of Hate to Want You.

Unedited, Hate to Want You:

The feed store is rectangular and painted clay red. The finish is dull and lifeless. A fresh coat of paint on the wood exterior can give this place much needed eye-popping attention, but I doubt anyone out here cared.

Cedar Falls Feed and Pet Supplies. I can’t stop smiling. The store’s name is original to say the least. My butt aches and my back is in a knot. I shimmy out of my pickup truck, stretch my arms to the clear sky, and shake my hips side-to-side.

In this small town at the eastern most part of Montana, I might find the answers that can help J.D. out of his mess. And in this place in the middle of nowhere, I might find some meaning in life, again.

I inhale a deep breath. The winter air is crisp, and the land is flat for as far as I can see. Out here, I’m free. Free from my parents’ tug-of-war for my attention, the grind of city living, and the sexy-as-sin guy staring at me sitting in his jacked-up black pickup truck.

What the—?

My smile slips. I shoot the guy a sideways checking out. His cowboy hat is pushed high on his forehead, giving me a decent view of his face. His face is an artist’s dream of chiseled angles and smooth lines. Dark stubbles shadow his chin and jawline, and above his full lips, like angel’s wings.

Awareness grabs me low in the belly, and I step back. Oh hell, no. I haven’t felt this instant hot attraction since my freshmen year in college, and that was years ago.