The State of My Writing

2021 has come and gone, and 2022 is here. As I reflect back on what I accomplished in 2021 with my writing, I can say, I did well though I had to cancel my preorders, didn’t release anything new, and didn’t do much writing except to edit here and there my current work-in-progresses.

What is the solitary accomplishment I’m proud of? I came in in the black. I made a PROFIT in 2021 rather than take a loss on my writing and publishing journey. How did I do it? I was lucky enough to get an elusive Bookbub for THREE books: Wicked (April 2021), Give You Up (May 2021), and I Dare You (August 2021). I am so grateful for the exposure my books received and am also grateful for new readers who have enjoyed my college romances. What else did I do to be in the black? I stopped advertising my books on Amazon and on reader newsletter sites. Instead, I went with the passive promotion of offering my shorter works (Stay, About That Night) for FREE. I also offer FREE books to those who sign up for my newsletter.

My books aren’t for everyone and by offering works for FREE, I give readers a sample before they decide whether to purchase my other books.

Why didn’t I release anything new in 2021? I was burned out mentally and physically. Releasing new books as well as re-releasing books that I rewrote from third person to first, most of 2021 took a toll on me. I didn’t want to write. And the idea of sitting down to write made me more exhausted. I decided to take a break for my mental health. I didn’t blog. I didn’t interact much on social media. I rested as much as I could. Binge-watched a lot of series and movies on Netflix. I also discovered Tik Tok, which is a time-suck, by the way.

What are my plans for 2022? I don’t want to give false reassurances and say I’ll be releasing new books left and right. But here are the list of work-in-progresses I hope to flesh out more, and eventually put, “THE END” to. I would also like to release a short, 100ish royal bodyguard story titled, Undone. Below is a small snippet and the cover. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Cambridge High Series: Hate Game

Dumas University Series: One Night of Bliss, Hating On Riot

Unedited Sneak Peek

I search the crowd again but I don’t see the woman that piqued my interest. A woman that sparked something deep inside me I thought I had long lost in my pursuit for money—anticipation.

What will she wear tonight? Will her dark hair fall full and long over her shoulders and down her back? Or will she pull the strands up and away from her face, showcasing the elegant column of her neck?

“Word of advice.” I peel Monica’s fingers off my arm. “Money isn’t everything.”

She pouts. “How would you know when you’ve never gone without?”

I don’t correct her. I have gone without. Have been beaten down more than once in my life. But I worked my way up, and I have the nightclub, the fast cars, and the downtown real estate to show for it.

Except I’m sorely missing something from my life and for the life of me, I can’t put my finger on what it is other than the mystery woman has the answer. I’m certain of it.

“Boss, she’s here.” Joey’s voice booms loud in my earpiece.

Speak of the devil. He waves her through the doors.

“Enjoy your time here, Monica.” I make my way down to the first floor.

Mystery woman is wearing an identical outfit to what she wore last night. Ratty jeans torn at the knees. A body-hugging black T-shirt that shows the obvious. She has small breasts and flat abs.

She makes her way to the dance floor. Our gazes lock. I tip my head. She acknowledges me with a slight dip of hers. I stay along the periphery and follow her movements. My gaze homes in on her face.

Dark arched brows. A sultry curve to the arches of her cheeks. A dainty nose. Full lips. And she doesn’t have on makeup except for mascara. Or are her eyelashes that naturally inky black and long?

I groan, imagining her eyes fluttering closed and those dark-as-fuck eyelashes caressing her creamy smooth skin as I move in and out of her.

Staying in the periphery, I watch guys steer clear of her. They’re not here for plain and understated. The guys are here for women like Monica with her skin-tight little black dress and sizeable rack.

But when mystery woman takes the dance floor and moves that lithe five-foot-five body of hers, the guys take notice, just like they did last night. She’s sexy as fuck swaying her hips with her hands high above her head, her fingers tapping in time to the beats as she sings softly to the music with her eyes closed.

Moving like she does, she doesn’t have a care in the world. Except I saw the truth in her eyes earlier. She carries big burdens on her small shoulders.