The State of My Writing

Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted a blog on my website. December 2020. What the heck? How has everyone been doing? I have been laying low, concentrating on my new role at my day job (manager, yeah!). What does this mean for my writing? Let’s just say the writing part of my life has slowed significantly due to overall mental and physical exhaustion. It’s the reason I’ve pushed back several times now the release of Hate Game and Sweet Sorrow, books two and three, respectively, in my Cambridge High Mayhem series.

I hope to have Hate Game written in time for it’s May 23rd release date. To make it up to my readers for the delays, here is the link to get a sneak peek of the first three unedited chapters sent straight to your reading app/device.

Preorder Hate Game here.

Enjoy and happy reading.