The State of My Writing

Yesterday, I did the unthinkable. I cancelled and took off Amazon’s and other retailers’ sites the pre-order for my upcoming book, King of Mine. I apologize to anyone that the cancellation affected.

Impulsiveness is one of my weaknesses. My kids can vouch for me, especially when I have an impulse for those yummy Hostess Snoballs.

Buying the cover for King of Mine, writing the blurb, and putting the book up for pre-order was an impulse born out of my excitement to share with readers that yes, yes, yes, there will be more of the Kiss Starter Series, except with three different couples.

I was so excited, I put the cart before the horse!

I had the couples and the story lines in mind for all three books, but once I started writing King of Mine, each couple’s stories became clearer, which gave me direction for writing the book blurbs as well as picking the images for the book covers.

My cover artist is mocking those up now and I can’t wait to share them with readers. From the samples she’s sent me, the covers will be very steamy. Below are the titles as well as the H/H. If you recognize the names, you’re not crazy. Emma Moretti is Tyler Moretti’s little sister (Kissing Game). She was supposed to be paired with Ty’s best friend, Dare Stratford (King of Mine), but Bobby Bliss (bad boy big brother of Gwen Bliss stole the show and the book). Poor Dare will have to wait for his book (maybe?).

Bliss is a name from Nora Ever After. Bliss Lavender Farm is where Nora buys her lavender teas from. And Tanner Prescott? He’s Galley’s friend (Nora Ever After) and plays for DU’s rival rugby team. He also has an identical twin brother, Troy, which will make for some fun writing!

Happy TGIF everyone and have a great weekend!

Kiss Starter One Series

One Night:  Ever Moretti and Bobby Bliss

One Kiss:  Arie Kim and Riot O’Sullivan

One Chance:  Gwen Bliss and Tanner Prescott