Luminescence Cover Reveal

LuminescenceI’m so excited to be sharing with you the cover to my second full length novel in my Extinction Series. Drum roll please . . . well, here it is. True to my other covers in the series, there is a woman on the cover. Or more like a young woman on the cover. And she’s facing the reader rather than away. There’s a reason for that. Look at her eyes. Look at the title. See how she glances at yet away from the moon as though undecided? As a would-be grantor, a demon hunter with the ability to deem someone Worthy or Unworthy of coming into their supernatural powers,┬áDecember has been cursed by her gods with eyes that glow. Because she hasn’t come into her own grantor abilities, she sees herself, her luminescence as being false.

December Raine (the e is silent) wasn’t the original name I’d chosen for her. However, after revisiting a story I wrote back in 2010, I realized why I went with December. As she’d admitted in the story, she doesn’t like the sun. The sun tends to burn her sensitive skin. When does the sun shine the least in the Pacific Northwest? December is one of the months. Why Raine (silent e, remember?). In the story, she can manipulate the weather. What does she most love? Yep, the rain. Luminescence takes place in June in Portland. However, there’s more rain than sunshine. Go figure. Luminescence releases November 29th. Get it at at the special pre-order price.