Protector Cover Reveal and Excerpt

Protector I’m so excited to share the cover, blurb and excerpt for the prequel to the Extinction Series, Protector. Expected release date is April 15th, 2014. Yes, next week!

We fight together. Always.

She is the preordained future leader of Blades and he, a lowly operator assigned the position of her Protector.

Alexandra Kingston can never be his. But Flyn Severins will do anything to protect her even be branded a traitor for refusing to give up the dark secrets in his mind. Truths that threaten to destroy Alex’s family.

When Alex is attacked by a new biologic weapon, she doesn’t suspect her Protector and childhood friend of compromising her location. But when he high tails it out of town with more money in his bank account than an operative makes in a lifetime, she has more questions than answers.

Given orders to get Flyn’s source of information or else, Alex believes only the truth will save her Protector’s life. But if the truth can’t set him free, she’ll put her life on the line to be his protector.


“Your father’s a bastard.”

Alexandra gnashed her teeth and aimed the multi-round pistol crossbow at her target. “That’s going too far, Cage.” She cocked the pistol. “Will you take a cheap shot at my sister next?”

A cool breeze caressed her cheek. They were high in the Alps at her father’s secret chateau.

“Why? Will you rat me out?” He waggled his brow and she resisted the urge to laugh.

He nodded at the pistol in her hand. “That piece of shit won’t put me down. Use your swords.”

She shook her head. “My father wants me to learn all the weapons.”

Palm up, he gestured for her to come and get him. “I move fast, hunter.”

“And I don’t tolerate anyone calling my father a bastard.” Not even her father’s trusted weapons’ specialist.

Ready to test her skills against his, she pulled the trigger. He dodged the metal tipped bolts, and his body a blur, he rushed her. Sidestepping his advance, she stuck her arm out and nailed him in the stomach with her fist. He grunted and fell to his knees.

She ditched the crossbow and reached for the swords strapped to her back. “Is play time over?”

Cage stood and looked her up and down. “Your small size gave you an advantage.”

She shrugged. “You forget my foresight.”

His lips curled. “That too.”

The force of his smile blindsided her, and she blinked. It was a mistake to do so. He moved fast and came up behind her. Strong fingers gripped her wrists and yanked until her shoulders were pulled back.

“Your father coddled you and Silver for too long,” he said next to her ear. “The training should’ve started as soon as you were able to hold a sword, not when you were sixteen.” He tsked. “He wasted time.”

Dropping her swords, she wrenched out of his hold and jabbed him on the underside of his jaw. He cursed.

“Years of studying history and politics is not wasted time.” Father had good reasons for what he’d asked of her and Silver.

She snatched her swords and charged him. They clashed in the middle. “Silver and I must unite Embers and Blades; otherwise, we’ll plummet into extinction.”

“And demon hunters wiped off earth is bad how?” asked the man who was more demon than human.