Will Be Worth the Wait

Will Be Worth the WaitA few weeks has gone by since my last post, and I’m still trying to grasp the reality that it’s already March. I’ve been antsy to write, but carving out time for my characters has been difficult. Between new material and edits for two series in two subgenres of romance . . . well, it’s not easy. However, like my character, Sophie Sinclair, said, “Easy was never for me.”

Life’s been getting in the way of my writing, and I have to be okay with that. Two years prior to my debut release (Shadow Watcher, September 2012) I had set a crazy, hectic pace that wasn’t sustainable. My contemporary novella, If Only, released November 2012. My Fallen, a paranormal novel in a planned third series, released January 2013.

I would write from when I got home from work until midnight or one in the morning, only to get up at five the same morning to go to my day job. No wonder I crashed, and hard. It took me a year to recover. I’m not willing to sacrifice time with my family, children and friends any longer. Or get my priorities mixed up again.

Writing is my passion. I love telling my characters’ stories. They are wonderful, yet flawed beings, human or otherwise, and I want my readers to get to “know” them like they would a friend.

I keep reminding myself that time is on my side and to trust the process. I was able to get three books published back to back. Surely, I can publish another book again, even if it takes me longer to get through the process of beginning to “the end.”

Choosing to go Indie is such a personal choice, yet one I’m grateful I made. For this mother of four, wife to one, and working a full time job with a daily three hour commute, having control over even one thing is invaluable.

Song on replay:  John Legend “All of Me”

Excerpt from UnMarked (previously entitled Shadow Watcher, coming summer 2014)

“You’re playing a dangerous game. The contract is tight to a T. Any deviation from it and you or Mendez will pay with your lives. Rescind. It’s not too late.”

“Sorry, Flyn. I don’t roll that way. Easy was never for me. My father made sure of that.”

He gave her a tiny salute. “May the gods be with you. You’ll need it.”