A New World

VariationThough I enjoy and love being a writer, often times I thought of quitting. But if you’ve been bitten by the writing bug, you know it’s hard to forget or dismiss the voices and stories constantly churning in your mind.

My muse had disappeared while my brain adjusted to my medication. I didn’t know if it would return even though my doctor had reassured me he put me on the lowest dose antidepressant so it wouldn’t dampen my creativity. Yet even if I had wanted to, I was literally too exhausted to gather enough creative energy to write. Force writing isn’t productive. It’s also not fair to readers who deserve an author who is healthy in mind, body and soul.

Recently, I announced I’d be self-publishing all of my future works. It was a personal choice that once made felt utterly freeing and right. Like I mentioned before, I didn’t write with the intention to become published. I wrote because I wanted to tell the stories that had been in my head for years. I’ve daydreamed and lived many lives through men and women I admire, hurt for and love like they were my own children.

When I wrote Shadow Watcher, I built a world for my characters and myself not realizing that the world had its limits. Now that that world is published, I could go forth with the series with the understanding there would be limits to what my characters could or couldn’t do. Or I could reflect my own journey of discovering a different path in my writing by giving my characters a new and limitless world.

So I’m sad to leave the world of Shadow Watchers behind yet excited to begin a new series. Hopefully, I’ll have the introduction novella out soon, a glimpse into the world of the Legion of Blades.