Choosing to Let Go

Choosing to Let GoAs I slowly adjust to writing on a schedule of two days a week, I made the decision to let go of “distractions” that had affected my mental and physical health. At first, I resisted changing my yahoo loops to daily digest only. I was afraid of missing something important in the stream of emails.

For those unfamiliar with yahoo groups, the member can choose to receive individual emails, daily digest or special notices. Receiving individual emails meant my inbox filled quickly. Yet, I liked the instant interaction and information. However, keeping up with all the members’ good news and their wealth of knowledge overwhelmed my already exhausted mind.

With my therapist’s encouragement I began to change all my loops to daily digest. I also left a Facebook group I admire and am thankful to have been a part of. I thought I would miss the networking, camaraderie and community of fellow authors and writers. Instead, I found myself more at peace with what I have—my imagination and resuming passion to tell a story.

I have stories in my head again. There are so many stories, I can write twenty-four seven. But my mind, body and medication prevents me from doing that, which is a relief. I read as much as I write. I chose two main ways to interact with others—Goodreads and my Facebook page. And I realize that is enough. Do too much and my body and mind is exhausted, forcing me to step back, reevaluate and rest.

So if you don’t see me as much on the loop, don’t worry, I’m still there lurking. Know that I share in your news, both good and bad, and I support you one hundred and ten percent even if I do it quietly on the sideline.