A New Year

A new yearIt’s a new year with potential for new opportunities and lots of writing ahead for me. 2012 ended with a bang. 2013 began that way too. When I started my journey back in December 2010, I never imagined the idea and subsequent writing of a story about resurrection and betrayal, inspired by Disney’s Tangled, would be a blessing and a curse.

I’ve been blessed to meet so many great people along this journey, people I highly doubt I’d ever connect with if I hadn’t started to write.

But being bitten by the writing bug has also been a curse. I can’t NOT write now. If I stay away from writing for even a few days, I get cranky. My muse needs an outlet.

For 2013, I plan on continuing my Willowbrook series with WHAT IF followed by ONLY YOU. WHAT IF will be a full length novel instead of a planned short story due to the complex and sensitive subject of mental illness and a violent crime.

Echo UnMarked, the second book in my Shadow Watcher series, is a work in progress. Another work in progress is the first book in the Extinction Trilogy- Phoenix Rising, Protector Resurrection, a story about forbidden love, a scroll predicting the extinction of vampires and their slayers, and the man and woman whose love can save them all.

Because I’m a visual person who likes to listen to music while she writes, I plan on creating more book trailers. If you get a chance, please watch and share them. I had a great time choosing the images and music.

I hope you will continue to follow my journey. I definitely appreciate the support and encouragement. Here’s to another great year!
My Fallen

Shadow Watcher






  1. Hi Ashlyn,

    Great post! Love what you said about getting cranky when you don’t write. I’m the same. I also like to listen to music when I write.

    All the best with you writing this year!

  2. I’m really happy to hear you absolutely MUST write. That will keep you going and publishing and getting more readers. Keep up the good work, Ashlyn.

    • I do question my sanity when I have this “need” to write. This year I plan on slowing down my warp speed of writing to enjoy my characters and their stories.
      Happy writing and I’m looking forward to hearing of your journey too.

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