A New Year

A new yearIt’s a new year with potential for new opportunities and lots of writing ahead for me. 2012 ended with a bang. 2013 began that way too. When I started my journey back in December 2010, I never imagined the idea and subsequent writing of a story about resurrection and betrayal, inspired by Disney’s Tangled, would be a blessing and a curse.

I’ve been blessed to meet so many great people along this journey, people I highly doubt I’d ever connect with if I hadn’t started to write.

But being bitten by the writing bug has also been a curse. I can’t NOT write now. If I stay away from writing for even a few days, I get cranky. My muse needs an outlet.

For 2013, I plan on continuing my Willowbrook series with WHAT IF followed by ONLY YOU. WHAT IF will be a full length novel instead of a planned short story due to the complex and sensitive subject of mental illness and a violent crime.

Echo UnMarked, the second book in my Shadow Watcher series, is a work in progress. Another work in progress is the first book in the Extinction Trilogy- Phoenix Rising, Protector Resurrection, a story about forbidden love, a scroll predicting the extinction of vampires and their slayers, and the man and woman whose love can save them all.

Because I’m a visual person who likes to listen to music while she writes, I plan on creating more book trailers. If you get a chance, please watch and share them. I had a great time choosing the images and music.

I hope you will continue to follow my journey. I definitely appreciate the support and encouragement. Here’s to another great year!
My Fallen

Shadow Watcher