Happy New Year!

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I can’t believe 2012 has come to an end. What do you do on New Year’s Eve? Do you have a family tradition?

My family and I like to spend the evening at home in our PJs. We live in the Pacific Northwest and it’s too cold for the kids to be out until midnight. So every year we turn on the t.v. and watch the countdown. My kids ooh and ahh at the fireworks shooting off of the Space Needle.

After the firework show, we toast each other with glasses filled with sparkling cider. Then we run out onto the front porch and yell “Happy New Year” to the neighbors. The kids have fun and my husband and I get in our first laugh of the year :).

For my giveaway, I have a “Leatherette Journal.” As it says on the tag, why not start your 2013 by thinking, creating and recording with style? As a writer, I try to have a notebook or piece of paper with me in case a scene pops into my head. If I don’t get the scenes down, I might not get it back. Odd, I know :). I hope you enjoy the firework show in your time zone, whether live or on the television.

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