Writing, Twisted Fairy Tales and the ER

When I had started my writer’s journey almost two years ago, my passion to put pen to paper and tell a story was merely an outlet for my muse.  I didn’t write with the intent to become a published author.  Does anyone?  Okay, that was a stupid question.  There are lots of writers out there whose main purpose is to become a published author.  Otherwise, why sacrifice so much − time with family, friends, our health, our insanity?

I admit I’m still new at the whole writing thing.  In my other life as a Registered Nurse, two years meant you were a novice, a baby.  Yet my first two years in the Emergency Department was baptism by fire.  Afterwards, I didn’t feel like a novice.  But ten years later, when I’d left, I felt like one.  The world of Emergency Nursing was rapidly changing and I was sinking, trying to learn the new technology and terminology.  Was it just me or did K-rider and Bair Hugger sound like characters’ names from a twisted fairy tale?

But I love to write.  I love learning the craft, and I love all the writers I’ve met, whether on internet loops or in my local chapters.  They are great people from various backgrounds who share the same goal − to be published.  With the shift in the publishing industry, more writers are finally getting their foot in the door.  The ways are various, from self-publishing to strictly digital publishers to traditional publishers who embrace digital and print. Right now, it’s a good time to be a writer.

Nursing is stressful.  Writing is too.  But being informed is the key to making it less so.  Learn the craft by reading and writing as much as possible.  Connect with others around you, writers and non-writers, for support, guidance and friendship.  Few people understand when you go on and on about the voices in your head, but another writer will nod and say, “Yeah, I totally get it.”

And never give up.  Rewrites are dreadful.  I’ve gone through several.  But in the end, my story is better for it.  And my characters appreciate my numb fingers and tears of frustration.  In the words of my favorite rapper, Eminem, “You only get I shot.”

Make yours count.