Critique Circle

   I have to admit my first experience with a critique group wasn’t the best.  But I walked away with a better understanding of what went wrong and what could’ve been done differently the next time around.  My second experience was slightly better.  Here’s why.  It was an internet group by invitation only.  The writer downloads a chapter of their work in progress into a folder created by a wonderful moderator.  Then the writer waits, or the writer critique another’s chapter and hope that writer returns the favor.  Following me still?  Or have I lost you?  I’m not a patient person.  I like instant gratification.  Doesn’t everyone?  That’s why when I saw this graphic on, I had to have it.  Why?  Because its beautiful, looks absolutely delicious (and I’m all for carbs, ask my friends), and purple is one of my favorite colors.

They say third times a charm, and it was when I found Critique Circle.  The site is easy to use (minus some technical issues) and I’ve had a chance to read some awesome stories of varying genres.  Being a romance reader and writer, that opened up a tiny bit more of the world to me.  And the writers are from all over the world.  How cool is the internet?  I’ve average 3-7 crits per chapter.  Sometimes it might be a week or two before my WIP gets into a queue for review, but I can be a little patient.  The site works on a point system.  The more you crit, the more points you collect, and the more of your chapters you can put out there for a return crit.  I love the forums, the tit-for-tat option so I know who I owe (and who owes me, wink, wink).  So if you don’t have too much time on your hands to attend a face to face critique group meeting, I highly recommend Critique Circle.  I can’t write this without a shout out to my fellow critiquers who have helped me with my WIP If Only:  Sugarfrost, Angelsking, and J.D. Wilson.  Ashes2Dreams will be here for you.