Reckless Series

He’s my longtime crush. My best friend. The guy I thought would stay in my life forever. Rhys Miles. Inky jet-black hair. Intense hazel eyes. Sexy. Reckless. Willowbrook’s very own homegrown Supercross star. He was everything to me until two defining moments drove us apart.

When he returns home for his grandmother’s funeral and a snowstorm blows in, keeping him in town longer than he likes to stick around, I realize I have one chance to get back what we lost, and possibly…more.

Star quarterback, Drew Hazard, was never meant to be with me. He takes risks. I play it safe. He mingles. I prefer the corner. He’s sexy hot. I’m plain Jane.

When I let a secret tear us apart rather than bring us closer, I take a risk. I don’t play it safe. I act recklessly. And boy does it backfire on me.

Now he wants answers. But can I put my heart on the line again for a second chance—no, make that my third chance—with him? Third time’s a charm, right?

My remorse is skin deep.

I live paycheck to paycheck, call the apartment on the scary side of the city my home, and have no life outside of working two jobs. When given the chance to crash a masquerade party in the rich part of town, I readily agree. What I didn’t expect is to be escorted to the party by Jaxson McCallister, a man from my past who holds a dark grudge against me. A man who doesn’t have a clue it’s me beneath the mask. Or does he?

I’m unwilling to forgive her.

The law was too soft on her, and she knows it. I can’t forgive or forget Tavi Gabriel for her role in my little sister’s death. When she drops into my life again after going MIA, I’m determined to make her pay for getting off easy.

But when I see the pain and remorse etched on her face as a deep scar, can I forgive and forget her? Or will I demand a different penance that will test my long-buried feelings for her?

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