Universal Law

Universal Law

Fifteen years ago, at the beginning of the Third World War, Others—demons, vampires, werewolves, and everything in between—made their existence public on live broadcast, plummeting the world further into turmoil. Four bloody years later, the war ended, governments banded together, and universal law came to be. One important law was no one shall be bitten, turned or transformed into a monster against their will. Governments demanded transparency amongst their citizens. However, beneath the surface, the shifting of power continues as creatures adhered to a hierarchy of the strongest at the top while the weak and poor at the bottom were trampled and forgotten.


A sexy, selfish demon knight. A courageous vampire slayer.

The job seemed straightforward enough. Hunt and bring in a Fallen’s vampire-turned friend for reconditioning. What vampire slayer Elise Castle didn’t expect is for the vampire’s friend and boss to be so dangerously seductive.

After her Fallen father had left her mother for a woman with money and power, Elise vowed never to get involved with a Fallen. After her cop boyfriend was killed by her Slayer energy during their first time having sex, Elise swore never to sleep with a man again.

Xavier Doom could have her breaking her promises.

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A disgraced Demon Knight in search of redemption. A thief willing to do anything to avenge her family’s murders.

When her grandfather and father are murdered in cold blood, vampire Slayer River Redding will do anything to avenge their deaths, even strike a bargain with the sexy-as-sin Outcast, Dante Everton.

As a common criminal, River can picture a life with an Outcast, the lowest of low in the hierarchy of creatures. But with Dante’s regal posture and knack for commanding any situation thrown their direction, is he truly who he portrays himself to be? Or is he more off-limits to River’s heart than she could ever imagine?

Stripped of his title as a Demon Knight, Dante will do whatever it takes to redeem himself in the eyes of the other Knights and their leader. Yet to get the evidence that will bring down a gang rumored to be trafficking children and killing Slayers, Dante needs a thief.

He finds help in the form of small-time thief, River Redding. Now he just needs to stick with his original plan without the complication of falling for the fiercely independent, secretive, and mouth-watering River.

Once his title is restored, he’ll be required to marry a woman with money and influence. As a criminal, River doesn’t fit the bill. Or does she?

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