The Legion of Blades Series

In a world where demons, vampires and humans coexist, only the descendents of the Phoenix can keep the world from plunging into turmoil and lawlessness. The Legion of Blades are immortal beings created by the gods to govern over the population of mortals and immortals.

Blades are guided by archaic laws and bound to their mates by fate. Blades are Elementals with special abilities to control the forces of nature. Some are sanctioned to bring in offenders of mortal and immortal laws, an Enforcer. Being an Enforcer is an achievement recognized as being the best of the best.

Ravens are the anti-mates of Blades, bred with the intention to have the opposite qualities of a Blade’s intended soul mate and to lure/seduce a Blade. The Ravens are guided by Brackus, a vampire with one goal- pit the Blades against one another and cause each of the seven houses on the seven continents to free fall into destruction, eventually leading to the demise of the Legion of Blades.

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