Excerpt~ Reclaimed

Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

A forbidden desire. A costly betrayal. Another chance to reclaim their love. Shadow Watchers Alexandra Kingston and Flyn Severins made the choice — life over death and betrayal above loyalty and friendship. Now they must face the consequences.


Blood, metallic yet sickeningly sweet, saturated the air. Around him, carcasses of demons lay in piles of embers, transformed in death. He searched his surroundings. Nothing moved.

Alexandra. He sheathed his swords and hurried to his woman, his life blood and the one he’d sworn to protect. She was unconscious, tied and staked to a tree. After freeing her, he slung her over his shoulder and sprinted to his pickup truck parked beyond the clearing. Alex’s wounds, they worried him. She should self-heal. He held her tighter. Her hair, once full and gleaming, lay matted in dark blood. Beneath the moonlight, cuts and bruises marred her pale and flawless face.

His gut twisted. Minutes before he’d slain their enemies, she had suffered pure agony. Deathriders—demons bred and trained to kill Shadow Watchers—had impaled Alex to a tree and pushed the buttons that had opened the blades in her palms and thighs like sprung shears, releasing poison into her body as metal parted skin. Taking a shaky breath, he cradled her. He wanted to rock her in his arms, to apologize over and over for letting his arrogance and overconfidence cause her more pain than any being should have to endure. But time was against them.

In her injured condition, only one act could speed her heart rate enough to burn off the poison. Or so he’d heard. Whether the story was truth or the ramblings of a depressed man, Flyn didn’t give a shit. He’d go to any lengths to save Alex. But if she refused what seemed a ridiculous solution, then he’d gladly forfeit his life for failing to protect their future leader. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Death didn’t scare him. Losing her did.

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