The State of My Writing

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Hello everyone,

I hope this post finds you staying safe and managing the anxiety around what’s happening in our world with the COVID-19 virus. In my neck of the woods, we are practicing social distancing, only going to public spaces for necessities such as groceries.

My kids are home from school until the end of April but there are rumors that school could be shut down for the rest of the year. It’s best to be safe so I’m glad my kids are home. They get regular emails from their teachers touching base and reaching out, providing online learning resources to keep the kids occupied.

As for myself, I’m doing a lot of reading, slowly going through my huge to-be-read pile that lives on my Kindle and Apple Books app. I’ve also been looking through in search of the perfect black and white images for the covers to the spin-off to my Kiss Starter series, Kiss Starter Rivals. I can’t wait to share these next couples’ stories:  Bobby Bliss and Ever Moretti, Arie Kim and Riot O’Sullivan, and Gwen Bliss and Tanner Knight.

With all that is going on in our world, I hope you’ll browse through the listing of books in the Spring Into Romance sale. Stories make us laugh, cry, feel.

From Nora Ever After:

“Another question, and I swear I won’t ask any more dumb questions. And don’t be relaying what we talked about to Asher, okay? I’ll never hear the last of it, of how romantic I am when I’m not.”

I grip the steering wheel. Fan my fingers over the leather. This isn’t me. Nervous as all get out. Putting my heart on the line for a girl I barely know. Shouldn’t know. Abuse is deep shit I’m not ready for. I blow out a breath.

Sputter out a, “How do I get a girl to fall for my mind and my heart?”

I expect Peyton to laugh. Scoff. Look at me like I’m off my rocker. She doesn’t do jack shit. Ryan’s rental is ahead of us. I park. See Asher and Zeke coming up from the rear in Asher’s sporty FR-S.

Peyton shifts in her seat. Softness in her eyes and on her face. “If you’re speaking of Nora, Asher told me about her no-touching rule in case I ran into them off campus. Don’t mind my abuse talk, Galley. It’s an assumption, and I could be dead wrong. Asher and her friends are into movies. They also love their romance books.” She digs in her bag. “Asher said Nora’s favorites are the second-chance love stories.” She hands me her cell. “You mind putting in your number?”

Curious, I put my number in her contacts and give her back her phone. She moves her fingers on the screen. My phone in the cupholder pings.

“I sent you the title of a book you and she will like. The story deals with friendship, forgiveness, and trusting in a love that’s kind, patient, and true.”

“Aw, Peyton, my girl, you are a romantic after my heart.”

I extend my arm. Squeeze her shoulder. She pushes away my hand.

“I am not getting Nora’s number for you from Asher.” She points at my cell. “Download a reading app. Buy the book. Read it to Nora.”

“Read a book to her?”

My eyes must be wide. Peyton laughs.

“When was the last time you read a book?”

“Last semester.”

“The title?”

“Something along the lines of business, people, and ethics.”

“A textbook? Your last read was a freaking college textbook? Sheesh.”

“Hey, I don’t have the time, okay?”

“Or you can’t read.”

“Believe me, I can read. How else could I have gotten into one of the best private colleges on this side of the coast?”

“Your dad’s money? Rutherford Construction.” She shrugs. “It’s no secret Zeke Harrington’s dad buys up blocks of businesses in Montgomery and Alexandria then hires your dad’s company to do the redesigns and rebuilds.”

She unbuckles. Bites down on her bottom lip. Dark brows slanted toward her nose. “Look, I’m sorry for saying something to the effect that you’re illiterate. What I meant to say is if you want to make an impression on a girl like Nora, you’ll need to touch her in a different way other than physical. Stories help us feel. Connect us as human beings.” She opens the door. “Give it a try. The worst thing that can happen is she asks you to stop reading. And the best thing that could happen…” She gets out. “You and Nora will write your own cool story.”

She closes the door and runs over to Asher’s car.

Huh. Our own cool story, eh? I smile. I can see the title now, Nora Ever After.