New Book Release

Happy New Book Release Day to Dante and River! I’ve been meaning to write their story since I released the first book in my Universal Law Series back in 2013. However, life got in the way as well as other stories taking priority. I hope readers enjoy Dante and River’s short story as well as revisit the world of Universal Law again with cameos from Xavier Doom, Trader, Defcon, Sacred, and Fox Raine.

I don’t have plans to continue the series—there are SO many contemporary romance stories in my head I need to write first—but I do have a soft spot for Sacred, the Fallen with the snow-white hair and glacier blue eyes. Someday, he might have his own story. In the mean time, here’s a blurb as well as a sneak peek of Outcast: Dante’s Redemption.

The eBook is available at all retailers. Happy reading!

A disgraced Demon Knight in search of redemption. A thief willing to do anything to avenge her family’s murders.

When her grandfather and father are murdered in cold blood, vampire Slayer River Redding will do anything to avenge their deaths, even strike a bargain with the sexy-as-sin Outcast, Dante Everton.

As a common criminal, River can picture a life with an Outcast, the lowest of low in the hierarchy of creatures. But with Dante’s regal posture and knack for commanding any situation thrown their direction, is he truly who he portrays himself to be? Or is he more off-limits to River’s heart than she could ever imagine?

Stripped of his title as a Demon Knight, Dante will do whatever it takes to redeem himself in the eyes of the other Knights and their leader. Yet to get the evidence that will bring down a gang rumored to be trafficking children and killing Slayers, Dante needs a thief.

He finds help in the form of small-time thief, River Redding. Now he just needs to stick with his original plan without the complication of falling for the fiercely independent, secretive, and mouth-watering River.

Once his title is restored, he’ll be required to marry a woman with money and influence. As a criminal, River doesn’t fit the bill. Or does she?

Sneak Peek

The footfalls hit pavement inches from her. River waited for her unwelcomed guest to make the first move or speak the first words. She wasn’t in an accommodating or chatty mood.

“What you did back there was admirable. Next time show more spine.”

His words were spoken in a deep British timbre, laced with concern and a cockiness she didn’t care for.

Frustrated and angry with the current state of her grandfather’s beloved city, in addition to being sleep-deprived, River whirled and shoved her unwelcomed guest against the nearest wall.

“Hands above your head and legs spread wide apart.”

He surprised her and did as demanded. With her palm between his shoulder blades, River looked him up and down. He was a head taller than her five-foot-three frame. The parka clung to his torso, giving her a glimpse of the ripples and contours of the muscles of his wide shoulders, broad back, and guns for arms. His jeans molded to the curves of his ass and the strength of his legs.

No doubt about it. This guy kept in tiptop shape.

“Why were you following me?” River leaned in and inhaled the scent of him.

Being half-Slayer, she could detect werewolves, vampires, and other Slayers by their scents, but not demons or humans.

He didn’t give off a scent other than the undeniable scent of a male. Was he human or demon? Humans were weak, and demons? Repulsive. At this point, whether he was one or the other didn’t matter. His bulk and size blared danger.

“I wasn’t tailing you. Ever heard of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Well, sweetheart, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. The vamp you pissed off reports to the monster responsible for killing off your kind. You’ll need my protection.”

The slow movement of his arm plastered on the wall above his head caught her eye. Certain he was up to no good, River pressed him further against the wall with her body.

“When you speak of the monster killing my kind, do you mean Red and his gang of demons and vampires?”

She’d heard grumblings, but the sources were unreliable. They were from Calamity’s rival gangs.

The stranger balled his hand, his slight movement again snagging her attention. The streetlight shone on his fist and highlighted the tat inked on his skin, a coiled serpent consuming itself, each scale on its body bolded a fiery red.

River inhaled a quiet breath.

This man had the mark of an Outcast, wanted by no one other than the dark shadow of sin that must follow and continue to taint his soul.

No wonder he accommodated her. Disobey the demands of a Slayer, or any being higher in the hierarchy of creatures, and he would face jail time. Not that it mattered with the city in chaos.

Why hadn’t he told her to shove off?

“Do you have shelter, food, clean water? I have dry and wet packs. I also have the corner market on this beautiful spot where two eaves kiss. Stay under there, and not a drop of rain will touch you.”

River went on and on, his mark causing her chest to constrict. She had a similar symbol tatted at the base of her neck. Her grandfather paid a huge sum to have the serpent placed there rather than on the top of her hand for all to see she was an Outcast.

“You know what I am, yet you offer food and shelter?”

His accent sent tingles of heat up and down her spine.

River blinked, surprised by her body’s reaction. “I don’t discriminate.”