Kissing Game is Live

I’m so excited to be sharing Asher and Ezekiel’s enemy to friends to lovers story. Read on for a smoking hot sneak peak of Kissing Game, now available at all major eBook retailers.

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Kissing Game, Sneak Peek

Asher sticks her hand in the bag. Grabs what’s inside. Hold the packages of paper in assorted sizes and designs in front of her face. Her eyes are wide. She’s got a shit-eating grin.

“Origami paper. Aw, Zeke, you’re so thoughtful.” She reaches across the small kitchen table and pats my arm.

I seize the opportunity. Reach out and cocoon her elbow in my large hand. Our arms run side-by-side. Skin on skin. Her fingers are small…delicate. Mine are thick, calloused, and scraped along the knuckles from my fierce matches.

Our skin is equally tan. Hers, naturally. Mine, from hours practicing under the blazing sun. Sprinkle of hair on her arm. Almost unnoticeable, she’s got so little of it. My arm is covered with dark hair and bulging muscles.

I tug her closer. Move my hand up her arm. Skim my fingers over her dragonfly tattoo. Goosebumps rise over her smooth and soft skin.

“When did you have this done?”

“The week after high school graduation. The start of my journey to becoming an adult.” Low laughter.

I smile, digging her sexy sound.

“Why two dragonflies and in the shape of a heart?”

“Life isn’t meant to be lived in a bubble. It should be shared. That’s why there are two dragonflies. The second one symbolizes friendship. Friendship is important. The shape of the heart is for love. Love makes life worth living for.”

Poetry from a beautiful and kind-hearted girl.

“Are you inked other places?”

She locks her gaze on mine. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

I can’t look away from her dark-as-fuck eyes. They sparkle. Pull me in. Get my motor revving down there. The shade of her eyes and her hair along with her naturally tan skin reminds me of the cookies I’d devoured.

I want a piece of Asher.

Taste her from head to toe.

“Show me one.” My voice is low and husky. My attention drops to her mouth. “Minus the tattoo artist, show me a tat you’ve never shown anyone else.”

“Minus the tattoo artist, no one has seen my other tats.”

Other than her dragonfly tat, Asher’s not inked in places that are visible, which means these unseen tats are inked on private places.

“No one?” I rasp, lightheaded from the thought.

“Nada.” Sexy-as-fuck smile.

Fuck me. Did Asher Tran admit to being untouched, a virgin? Or she likes to do the dirty in complete darkness or half-naked. I shift in my seat. Readjust the boner in my pants.

“Thus with a kiss, I die. Would you show me one?” I beg her with my eyes to spare me a peek.