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Two weeks ago Amazon opened its first bookstore at University Village, about an hour drive from my place in the Pacific Northwest. When I read the news then saw pictures a friend had posted on Facebook, I realized I had to reach out to her. So here is my interview of her via FB Messenger (she’s a busy mother of four, wife to one cool hubby, like me, lol).

How was your experience?

Love!!! It’s almost all best sellers or highest reviews. Prices are low like the website. It fluctuates; there are scanners throughout the store for people to price check. Books are displayed face forward so you can view all the books easily. Kindles scattered throughout for customers to use.

Better than Barnes and Noble? Kid friendly? Coffee shop? Extras? My local Barnes and Noble has a kids area, comfy chairs scattered throughout for those who want to stay awhile, and a decent sized Starbucks to accommodate a few study groups. I wanted insight as to what Amazon might be offering that B&N doesn’t currently.

No coffee shops. It’s not as big. There is a kids section with table for Kindle Kids. My kids loved it. Not a large area to spread out. I like Barnes and Noble.

Who would you recommend this type of book store to versus B&N?


People who love Amazon, enjoy book stores and need books for a good deal.


Thank you, Sam, for taking time out of your busy life to share your take on Amazon’s bookstore and the wonderful pictures.

My husband and I have many memories of date nights at my local B&N perusing books and sipping our coffees. He’d be immersed in the manga and sci-fi sections. Of course, I’d be in the romance section. I also love checking out the stationaries. B&N has beautiful notebooks, perfect for a writer to jot down ideas and dialogue that come at all times of the day.

I also have memories of my boys playing with the train sets in the kids section and of us trying to decide which Little Critter books to buy next.

I’m happy for Amazon and their new bookstore. However, I’ll continue to peruse books and drink my coffee at my local B&N. There’s no harm in keeping their competition in business :).

P.S. I meant to get this out yesterday but the PNW had a wind storm and we lost power at the house.

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