I truly believe my writing life reflects my day job work life. Since taking on the new position of lead of my department, I’ve been exhausted, feeling as though I’m a hamster on a wheel. Basically, spinning, spinning, and spinning without getting anywhere.

Getting nowhere is the story of my current writing life. I’m attempting to write three books. Two are for existing series. The other book is a stand-alone, a venture of mine into dark, contemporary romance.

I realize today, after emailing back and forth with my boss, that my focus for the past month is too global. An analogy that comes to mind is I’m drawing all over the place on a blank piece of paper rather than drawing a picture of an object and then coloring within the lines until the object is completely filled in with color. I have direction, yet I don’t, if that makes sense.

So, I’ve decided the best thing for my sanity is to narrow my focus in my day job AND my writing. By doing so, I’m hoping to put a stop to the spinning and start being more productive.

First, I’ll be writing and finishing one book at a time. Second, I’ll be narrowing the focus of my blog posts to my favorite subjects to blog about:  the writer’s life, finding a sustainable work/life/writing balance; publishing news and concerns; and for readers, my books. To help with consistency and to keep myself accountable, without inundating my blog subscribers with too much content, I’ve decided to blog about my writer’s life on Tuesdays, share publishing news/concerns on Thursdays, and divulge book stuff on Saturdays.

Okay, so now you know my plan. What are you doing in your life or work to be more productive, to go forward rather than spinning in one place? Leave a comment if you want to share, and thank you for reading my posts!!!

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Quote:  Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack. ~ Unknown