Cover Reveal ~ Love Actually (Red Meets Blue)

Alternate ending. An interesting concept that’s explored in movies. Watch one ending then view a different one. When I finish a manuscript and write, “the end,” the ending to my story is a singular event rather than a “what if this happens or this happens?” scenario where the readers can pick which one they like. However, one story idea can become two, three or more ideas, like one bud with many seeds.

That’s what happened with the original What If storyline. However, my heroine in that version was traumatized by a horrific crime, and I didn’t think readers could relate to her. There was emotional and physical trauma. She was seeing a therapist for PTSD. The story line became too much for me to write, and I shelf the idea. Finally, after three years, I’m ready to revisit the story again but with a few changes. Here is the cover and blurb for Love Actually (Red Meets Blue). “Red” or Jaxson McCallister, makes a small cameo in What If (Willowbrook #2). If Only (Book #1) is FREE for Nook, Kindle and iBooks. Love Actually will release August 31st.

Love ActuallyMy remorse is skin deep.

I live paycheck to paycheck, call the apartment on the scary side of the city my home, and have no life outside of work and school. When given the chance to attend an over-the-top party in the rich part of town, I readily agree even though I have to crash the masquerade ball from the rear of the house. What I hadn’t agreed on is being escorted by Jaxson McCallister, a man from my past that holds a dark grudge against me. A man that doesn’t realize it’s me beneath the mask. Or does he?

I’m unwilling to forgive her.

The law was too soft on her, and everyone knows it. I can’t forgive or forget Tavi for her role in my little sister’s death. When she drops in my life again after going MIA months after the car accident, I’m determined to make her pay for getting off easy with just community service.

But when I see the pain and remorse etched on her face as a deep scar, can I forgive and forget her? Or will I demand a different penance that will test my long-buried feelings for her?