Cover Reveals ~ Echo and Wolf’s Red

“All good things are wild and free.” Henry David Thoreau

Wild and free. These words sum up the underlying theme in my upcoming paranormal romance releases, Echo (Extinction Book #3), and Wolf’s Red. I have to thank my cover designer, Zackary, at Raven Tree Design. I send him the images and a concept of what I’d like, and he creates the beautiful covers shown here.


Will a man, recently freed from a contract to kill, tame the wild-spirited Echo, a woman who calls the isolated underground tunnels beneath the west coast her home?

Unedited excerpt:

At the cabin, he held the door for her. She walked inside with barely a glance his direction. The click behind her had her pausing. They were alone. Yet she had an advantage. He thought she was a man, and she’d play that card for the next forty-eight hours.

“Need help getting out of your clothes, Echo?”

She whirled around and glared at him. “What the hell kind of man are you to proposition me?”

Her hand shot to the vent over her mouth. Dammit, how could she easily forget to act and talk like a man when she’d just been thinking about it?

His eyes narrowed with suspicion before a predatory smile crossed his face. Danger sparked off him like fireworks. He approached her with slow steps. Echo scrambled toward the bathroom. When he continued to advance, she turned and ran smack into him. With deft fingers, he spun her until her chest pressed against the wall. Held there by his body, her breaths quickened like his warm ones next to her ear.

“Cage has been known to go to extremes when a simple solution would suffice. Should I break protocol and take off the headgear? Or will you get in the bedroom and remove the voice modifier?”

“There is no modifier. I’m a man.”

“How about we check?”


wolf's redWhat happens when a wild wolf steals the mechanical heart of a seductress?

Unedited excerpt:

Red stood at the edge of the White Forest and glared at the trees that soared toward the dark sky.

Normally, she loved to run through the forest, as though she were a child in search of treasures hidden beneath the leaves or inside the hollows of old, fallen trees. Tonight, she’d rather prefer a straight shot to the cabin hidden deep inside the forest. Inside that cabin was her salvation and worst nightmare come true.

With her fists clenched at her sides, she trekked over a stretch of trip-worthy roots and strewn branches that had ripped off of the trees during the storm. As she ambled over one broken branch after another, Red reminded herself to breathe in tandem with her steps.

Every step required extra effort as she fought against the harsh wind sneaking past the gaps between the trees. Her lungs burned and her eyes watered.

Straightening to her full height of five-foot-three, she sucked in air and plowed forward. Her lungs filled but her heart . . . her heart was gone. Stolen by Axel, a werewolf she despised with all her being for telling lies that had sent her ex running into the arms of another woman.

Hunter had been her protector, keeping her safe from the villagers and the other animals that lived in the White Forest. He was now gone from her life, thanks to Axel.