Cover Reveal Torn (Dare You Book 2)

Torn (Dare You #2)This morning I received an email from that Near Perfect is a best seller, sales rank #34 out of their top 50. I am so excited and happy that Lucy and Bryce’s story is in the hands of more readers. However, I can’t take the credit. This last Wednesday, Allromance sent me another email saying that Near Perfect was chosen as one of six books for it’s weekly Wednesday Hump Day Bargains. I don’t know how NP was chosen out of the thousands of books they must have in their catalog but I’m so grateful for being picked, especially with Torn, the second book, releasing soon. So … here is the cover for Torn, and a sneak peek. I hope you like it and please feel free to share via FB and Twitter using the buttons at the bottom of the post.

Unedited Sneak Peek:


“A week is too long, Miss Badeaux.” Bryce tipped forward and nipped her bottom lip. “But hey, you’ll be back in time for the day. I’ve planned something special.”

She smiled. Her twenty-sixth birthday was in two weeks. What could he be up to? Mesmerized by the twinkle in his eyes, she reached up and traced the straight lines of his brows before threading her fingers in his dark head of curls.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For being in my life.” Gazing into eyes she could stare into forever, she tugged his head to hers. “I thought I’d be spending my birthday alone.” She usually spent her birthday with Grandma and Grandma’s friends. “Now I have you to help me celebrate.”

No matter how fast their relationship had moved or of how hard and far she’d fallen for him, Lucy couldn’t deny the obvious. She loved Bryce.

“I’ll call you every day.”


“Of course.”

“Say it, Lucy.”

So persistent and downright adorable. Her smile widened. “I promise I’ll call you every day.”

“Better.” Grinning, he pressed his mouth to hers. She closed her eyes and memorized how he nudged her lips open with his tongue, of how solid and muscular his chest felt beneath her palms, and of how his groan shook her to the core.

“Bryce . . .”

He eased back, his mouth barely touching hers. “You should go before I decide to park the truck in the back and love you in broad daylight.”

She sucked in a breath at the raw image in her mind of them half-naked and going at it in his truck. “You wouldn’t.”

“I dare—”

She shushed him with a finger to his mouth. “Don’t. You know I can’t resist your dares.”

He chuckled, a low, husky sound that had her quickly going for the door handle. She should leave before he pushed the limits of her control. With Bryce, Lucy could easily lose control and . . . pieces of herself. She frowned. “The time apart will be good for us.”

Dammit, had she just said her thoughts out loud?

“What are you talking about, Lucy?”

Yep, she had. His fingers pressed into the base of her neck. Letting go of the door handle, she inhaled a deep breath before turning in her seat to face a confused Bryce.

“I told you I love you. You said the same. We went exclusive.” He blew out a breath. “What the hell do you mean the time apart will be good for us?” His voice grew louder with each word.

Why did she have to bring up how she felt for him at this moment, when they couldn’t really talk? Oh yeah, that was why. They couldn’t talk because they didn’t have the time. Not when her flight would be leaving soon.

“We’ll chat later, okay?”

Taking the chicken-shit way out, she grabbed him by the back of his neck, intending to plant another kiss on his mouth. He turned his head. She missed his mouth and brushed against his cheek, her just punishment for avoiding a talk she should’ve had with him. Say a few days earlier when she’d surprised him by dropping in on his restaurant only to see him chatting it up with the new gal in town, a beautiful leggy blonde.