Rebranding a Series

As 2014 comes to an end, I’m thinking forward to 2015. One thought that has kept me up at night and given me more worry lines I don’t need is should I or shouldn’t I rebrand my Extinction series? Except for Luminescence, the heroine’s face is hidden. For Protector, I chose a fire/water background. The water is supposed to be snow. If you’ve read Protector, you might connect the background to the opening scene of an explosion in the Alps. For UnMarked, the H/H meet again on the side of the road, hence the background.

However, the cover doesn’t reveal much else about the stories. Can you tell the books are romance?

Hindsight is 20/20. Now, I see the lone girl on the cover could be urban fantasy (kick-ass heroine) or young adult paranormal (Protector and Luminescence). Since I’ve decided to go further with this series, I wanted to start the redesign early.

Sure I believe the covers are “pretty.” Yet, “pretty” doesn’t represent the subgenre of romance I write in. And, I want to make sure readers realize my PNR are for adults, not young adults.

Looking at the best-sellers, I see covers of hunky men’s abs, objects and couples. I like the couples on the covers. Definitely romance. I like hunky guy covers too. I decided those types of covers will be saved for my Universal Law series, keeping the two paranormal series distinct.

Drafts will start mid-January. I’m so excited to be working with my cover designer, Christy Caughie with Gilded Heart Design.

The best part of being an Indie author is the flexibility to make a change or improve on something. I’ve changed up my book blurb for UnMarked and Luminescence. Cover is next. I believe I’ve chosen the images that closely represent the stories. I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on how the rebranding goes. Have you rebranded a series or changed up your covers? What was your experience like? I’d love your thoughts and comments!