Author Spotlight ~ Brenda Tetreault

TemptedMy spotlight author for this week is Brenda Tetreault. Thank you, Brenda, for being my guest. Now, there’s a story behind how Brenda and I met. We actually met through Twitter and became fast “virtual” friends through our commonality of living in the Pacific Northwest. She doesn’t live in the PNW any longer but we still keep in contact via Facebook.

So Brenda, let’s talk about your writing career and your books.

What genres do you write in?

First of all, I want to thank you for spotlighting me this week, Ashlyn; it TRULY is an honor! To answer your question, I primarily write within the Paranormal Romance genre; I find the extra element of supernatural creatures, myth, and magic a perfect match for romance.


Was there an event or a person that sparked your interest in writing romance?

Not especially. I’ve always been a fan of the romance genre, having cut my teeth on historical Romances. At the same time, I’ve had a lifelong love for a good story of magic and wonder. So when a friend introduced me to Gena Showalter, I had an epiphany; Why not combine my love for both romance and paranormal stories like she did? The rest is history.


SalvagedWhat do you love about being an Indie author?

I love being able to control all aspects, from my release date, to my cover art, to the pricing. But more than that, I love the more personal approach to fans that we Indie authors enjoy. There isn’t a team of PR people and suits between us and our fans. With the advent of social media, it makes getting to know our readers that much easier.


What do you find most challenging?

The marketing. I don’t have a background in marketing and find the whole thing quite daunting. I don’t have a problem pitching my books to people face to face, but coming up with a plan, a strategy that will get people interested and excited for my books absolutely flummoxes me.


I understand you have a day job. When do you find the time to write?

Every chance I get! I’m not one of those authors that will get up early in order to get some writing in before I go to work, so I tend to jot down ideas on bits of scrap paper, and have been known to do a fast and dirty writing marathon on my breaks. Mostly, I write in the couple hours between getting home from work and the rest of the family coming home, and on the weekends, and any holidays I get from work.


Okay, I have a shared quirky question I ask of all my guests. I’m a big fan of the Walking Dead. If you’re caught in an apocalypse and can take one item and one person with you to a no zombie place, what and who would you take, and why?


What would I take? A backpack of basic supplies (small med kit, bottle of water, knife, lighter/matches, fishing line) and my husband. The backpack is self-explanatory. Why my husband? Because I trust him.

Thank you, Brenda! Want to read Brenda’s books? Click on the covers, and go directly to Amazon, the exclusive vendor of her books! Where can readers find you on social media?




Twitter: @booksofbounty


Again, thank you for being my guest! Brenda has provided an excerpt from her most recent release.

Salvaged Excerpt:

Caius could see that she was trying to bolster her quickly eroding defenses after her obviously inadvertent confession of continued abstinence and fidelity, and felt the same level of desperation that she did; only he wasn’t trying to drive them apart. No, he was trying to salvage everything he could between them, and praying that he could find enough solid ground to begin rebuilding what they once had together. Reaching out to her, he said quietly, letting his hurt be heard, “You didn’t just leave me sleeping alone on our bed, you left us, Wren. When you left me, you left us.”

His softly spoken words hit her like hammer blows, and she felt her heart break more than she thought was ever possible. And yet at the same time, she felt her soul begin the long road to healing at his words, and as a result, she too, was able to soften her tone and words.

“You’re right,” she told him honestly, obviously surprising him, “I was wrong to leave the way I did. But,” she added as he began to speak again, “I had my reasons.”

Caius fell to his knees, his hands raised in supplication. “What reasons?” He rasped, the words pained, “What could possibly make you turn your back on what we had?”

His pain was a terrible thing to witness, and it was devastating to know that it was her fault that this beautiful, strong man hurt so badly. It was that thought that made her realize that she was the only one with the power to end his torment once and for all. With just a few words, she could put them both out of their misery and maybe they’d both be able to fully heal and move on with their lives. It was something that she’d thought about often during the long, lonely hours between sunrise and sunset- finding Caius and clearing the air between them- but there never seemed to be a good time to do it until now. But now that she had a tailor made moment to do so, she found it nearly impossible to make herself say the words. It wasn’t that she was frightened of his reaction- no, Caius would never bring harm to her, of that she was still certain- but rather, she was terrified that if she told him, if she actually spoke the words out loud, that they would come to pass, and all that they’d been through would be for naught.

But a secret such as the one she held so close to her breast had a way of weighing down the soul, of leaching even the simplest joys out of life, of exhausting a hearty spirit until it was a mere shadow of itself, and that’s exactly what had happened to Wren. Four hundred years of pain, guilt, and secrets had that effect on one, and now, looking down at Caius as he looked up at her with pleading in his eyes, Wren realized that she simply couldn’t keep it to herself any longer. Smiling, she went to him and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close until his cheek was lying against her belly. She ran her fingers over his dark hair, enjoying the low rumbling purr he made at her touch.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, her breath hitching on a small sob. She sank to her knees until she was able to clasp his face between her palms. “Forgive me,” she whispered, gently kissing his mouth, “Please, Caius,” she said between kisses, “Please say you forgive me.”

Caius reveled beneath the anointing rain of her whisper soft kisses, and murmured his forgiveness, not caring that she hadn’t told him her reasons for leaving; he would find out later, when he wasn’t so distracted by the unexpected pleasure of once again holding her in his arms. All that mattered now was that they were once again together, and there was nothing that was going to force them apart ever again…