Business Minded

Business MindedIt took almost a year, but I feel back to my normal self — mother of four boys, wife to one awesome guy, and a friend, daughter, sister, coworker to many. Now that I feel “normal” again, I’ve been planning my career as an author.

Granted, with four boys to put through college (college or the military, I tell them), writing can’t be my sole source of money. I plan on working full time at my day job. My boss and coworkers are well aware of my “extracurricular activity.” Like my husband, they’re proud and supportive of what I’ve achieved and what I want to accomplish in the coming years.

When I decided to self-publish my future works, I realize I must act like a small business. I should have a business plan, a manner in which to distribute and promote my books, an idea of how much money is spent and earned, and a way to set my books apart from other authors in my subgenre of contemporary and paranormal romance.

What makes my books different from theirs? Why should readers spend money on my books? What is it I give them in exchange for their hard earned money? If they want warm, fuzzy, and satisfying, why not grab a Starbucks coffee? My grande soy pumpkin spice latte with whip easily cost me five dollars and some change.

I like the creative control of self-publishing. I like being my own boss. Last year, I didn’t feel in control at all. Now I realize how much it had affected me to rewrite a story I truly love and believe in. Yes, the characters were terribly flawed, the villain was uber creepy, and the good guys were actually very bad. In fact they were murderers. Will readers hate the story? Maybe. Or, they can love it enough to tell their friends about it. Word of mouth is the best promotion. The next book is also a grand way to gain a following.

So for the rest of the year, I’ll be working on how I’ll make 2014 MY year.