Back Again


Writing has been nonexistent. Reading has been about magazines and nothing about books. The last I checked, my WIPs has a time stamp of June on them, saved on my laptop. I’d like to say the past three months offline has been peaceful, restful. But they haven’t been. There was self-destruction, indecision, and a desire to lead a different life. The passion and obsession to write waned until the burning flames faded to a flicker. I needed a lifeline.


The lifeline came in the form of someone who knows me well. A man who’d spent half his life with me. He understands my frailties. Even forgave my moments of weakness. He loves me unconditionally while others focused on my faults. He held me as I cried while others turned their backs on me.


Such love doesn’t just exist in romance books. Unconditional love, fortitude, belief in a person’s goodness though they’d done hurtful things, and second chances occur in real life too. The past can’t be changed. What’s done is done. The future can and will be better.

My words seem encrypted. They are. I have to keep that part of my life private. I wrote this post with one intention. Never forget or take advantage of those who shape your life for the better. Keep them near. Tell them you love and appreciate them. Love them unconditionally.

I’ve learned. I’ve lived. I’ve survived. Another year, a fresh start, is around the corner. The muse in me is ready to tell a story of love and lost, sacrifice and forgiveness, and a happily-ever-after in light of unsurpassed odds. As my heroine, Sophie Sinclair, in Shadow Watcher would say, “Bring it on!” 2014 will be my year.




    Ashlyn, we are two of the lucky ones; we found our romance novel heroes and got our happily ever afters. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t tell my one and only how much he means to me. I’m glad to know that there has been a white knight standing by your side, holding you up, drying your tears and banishing your nightmares while you’ve walk the shadow path. I truly believe that we are not complete until we’ve found the other half of our soul, and it sounds like you have.

    Stand tall, girl! You’re not alone in the fight and with love by your side, you’ll be able to slay dragons!

    • Brenda you’re awesome! I’m so happy for you and yes, I’m grateful to have my white knight. Thank you for your wonderful words of support and encouragement. We all need them from time to time don’t we?

  2. Happy to see you back and moving forward again. It’s great to know you have someone in your corner who can listen and love you unconditionally. Second chances is what life is all about. If I ever had to perfect, I’d be lost forever. It is in taking chances to live, making mistakes and learning from them, and moving forward that we not only survive but thrive.

    Tackle the writing one day at a time. I completely agree with writing about themes close to your heart. It pulls the reader’s emotions into the story and your characters. Once you have that, you have everything.


  3. Personally, I think we’re supposed to skin our knees on this journey called “life”. I also think we’re supposed to learn from them.

    So glad you’re back, girl! ECWC this year?


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