Small Steps

February 7th was my last tweet on Twitter. It seems unreal when a few months ago, I was addicted to Twitter. My responses to posts on my various Yahoo loops have been almost nonexistent. If I think too much about the uncompleted WIPs I’ve saved on my laptop, I feel utterly exhausted. But I’m slowly making progress in discovering the passion to write again by taking small steps.

Instead of returning to my unfinished WIPs, I’ve decided to revive an old manuscript. The urban fantasy/paranormal romance has a main plot, a few subplots, at least four love stories, and multiple POVs rolled into one completed 110k manuscript.

I’m excited to revisit the stories, to use the creative half of my brain to decipher the messages hidden in the words and world, and translate what I’ve written into a trilogy of love and survival.

When I spoke with my therapist, we discussed boundaries, time constraints, control, and of course, balance. We also discussed fears. My biggest fear is losing my muse. The second is the idea of the muse returning but I’m not in any condition to follow or listen to it. However, my therapist convinced me if it’s important, the idea or dialogue will resurface. Basically, keep my boundaries flexible.

As for time constraints, I’ve decided to dedicate two weekdays and Sundays to writing rather than writing everyday. In regards to my issue with control and obsession, I’ve decided to self-publish my Fated Trilogy. For some who have read my work, the original title was Protector Resurrection.

By dealing with these aspects of my life, my therapist and I hope I can achieve a better work-writer-life balance. Wish me luck. I’ve just restarted my journey J.