My Fallen Release Week

On Monday, my paranormal romance, My Fallen, was released by my publisher, Crimson Romance. Though the experience doesn’t compare to how I felt when my debut, Shadow Watcher released in September 2012, I was still excited, nervous and . . . exhausted.

Unlike with Shadow Watcher, I thought of myself as a bit more savvy when it came time to promote My Fallen. But I lined the promos too tight together, one right after the other. Now, I’m ready for a breather. Soon, the prequel to Shadow Watcher, a short story entitled Reclaimed, will be released. I’m also working on the second full length novel, Echo UnMarked, in the Shadow Watcher series on top of writing and researching for What If, the second book/novella in my contemporary romance series, Willowbrook.

Time is tight and it’ll only get worse. I’ve taken on added responsibilities at my day job and with my local RWA chapter. Yet, I know the payoff will be worth it. Some days, I do take a step back and wonder about my future as an author. As a RN, I already see the path before me. It’s very clear while the journey as an author is shrouded in thick fog. So, as I take deep easy breaths and reflect on this week, I continue to take the journey one firm step at a time. That’s all I can do for now.

Quote of the week:  Sometimes the heart sees what’s invisible to the eyes.

Song of the week on constant replay:  Shinedown My Name (Wearing Me Out)