My Fallen Release Week

On Monday, my paranormal romance, My Fallen, was released by my publisher, Crimson Romance. Though the experience doesn’t compare to how I felt when my debut, Shadow Watcher released in September 2012, I was still excited, nervous and . . . exhausted.

Unlike with Shadow Watcher, I thought of myself as a bit more savvy when it came time to promote My Fallen. But I lined the promos too tight together, one right after the other. Now, I’m ready for a breather. Soon, the prequel to Shadow Watcher, a short story entitled Reclaimed, will be released. I’m also working on the second full length novel, Echo UnMarked, in the Shadow Watcher series on top of writing and researching for What If, the second book/novella in my contemporary romance series, Willowbrook.

Time is tight and it’ll only get worse. I’ve taken on added responsibilities at my day job and with my local RWA chapter. Yet, I know the payoff will be worth it. Some days, I do take a step back and wonder about my future as an author. As a RN, I already see the path before me. It’s very clear while the journey as an author is shrouded in thick fog. So, as I take deep easy breaths and reflect on this week, I continue to take the journey one firm step at a time. That’s all I can do for now.

Quote of the week:  Sometimes the heart sees what’s invisible to the eyes.

Song of the week on constant replay:  Shinedown My Name (Wearing Me Out)

6 thoughts on “My Fallen Release Week”

  1. I love your quote of the week, Ashlyn.

    I hear you on wondering about your future. Unfortunately, as writers it is impossible to know what the future holds. It is never certain and it is difficult to plan. The only thing we can do is to continue to write and put our stories out to readers. There are so many different paths a writing career takes. For some it is a slow rise. For others it is a steady line. Yet others burn bright with their first book and then can’t sell the next one. Many NYT authors talk about how often they reinvented themselves in a long-term career.

    So, keep writing and stay optimistic that readers will find you, fall in love with your stories, and you will never be at a loss.

    1. Thanks Maggie! When I read your comment, I shared with my friends your optimism and outlook in regards to a writer’s journey. Long before I was published, a friend gave me a book entitled Writing Down the Bones Freeing the Writer Within. I plan on rereading it again to get back my perspective and realization that not everyone will like what I’ve written, lol. Writing is hard and emotionally draining. We pour our heart and soul into our characters and their stories. We want people to love the world we create including the characters who inhabit those fictional worlds. And when they don’t or can’t because of there are so many other books out there, it’s disheartening. But I’ll keep all of my friends’ encouraging words in mind and continue to write until I don’t enjoy it anymore or the muse stops talking to me :).

  2. Dear Ashlyn,

    Congrats and wishes for much success. You are a good writer and a tireless promoter – not to mention a nice person so I am excited for all the new possibilities in your life. Hooray!

    1. Thank you Anna! That’s the best part of this journey is meeting nice people like you. I’m so blessed to have met you and can’t wait to possibly see you again when I head down to Hillsboro next month :).

  3. Ashlyn, congratulations on the release!

    As an author wannabee, I gotta say the “thick fog” is a great problem to have. I’m still searching for the fog! LOL.

    Yay for publication – you’re in a really exciting place! 🙂

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