Giveaway Social #1


socialhop Giveaway Social #11In the mood for a kiss-ass Demon Hunter, a tough as nails Vampire Slayer or a dirt bike riding sweet gal? Well, you’re in luck! I’m giving readers the chance to win all three of my titles. Interested? Click on the Enter to Win My Books link to the right.

With my contest winding down to just a few days left, I’ve decided to participate in Parajunkee’s Giveaway Social.

If you have a contest or giveaway on your blog, this is a great way to get the word out. And if you’re one of those who love contests or giveaways, then click on the social hop image and be on your merry way to winning!

Here’s Parajunkee’s info: Welcome to the Giveaway Social on Parajunkee’s View. Increase Your Giveaway Traffic with the Giveaway Social

Today we are linking up our Giveaways so we can earn more entries. Social networks are an integral way to get more exposure for your blog, so click away! The Social has been split into three. So look through to the other posts for Twitter & Facebook.

Rules To Participate

◦Please list your Giveaway as Item + Blog Name

◦Leave a direct link to the giveaway

◦Leave a comment and tell me if you like the meme!

◦Have fun entering Giveaways