My Fallen Coming January 2013

Next in line to command the dark lords of the Underworld, Xavier Doom is expected to marry a woman with money and influence. But when he falls for a Vampire Slayer who can only offer him her love, he questions whether tradition and his innate desire for money and power are worth abandoning to have a shot at love.

Elise Castle:

He skimmed his fingers over her bare arms, and bumps rose over her sensitive skin at the slight touch. She licked her lips, and his gaze lingered there before he moved his hand to cradle the side of her face. Mesmerized, Elise couldn’t look away, the instant attraction between them catching her off guard.

“When a woman says she doesn’t want me, it makes me chase her more. Why don’t you make it easy for both of us? Give in, sweet thing, and we can get this heat between us out of our systems.”

His arrogance was beyond annoying. She smirked and stepped back, out of his grasp.

“Sorry, sir,” she said, giving him an exaggerated curtsy. “But I don’t sleep with anyone I work with or for.”


Xavier Doom:

When Elise tensed beneath his hold, Xavier shut his mind from hearing hers. He could guess what this Slayer would eventually want from him or any man — love and commitment, two ideals he wasn’t personally interested in. Xavier was too selfish to love a woman. That’s what his father had said to him before Mason Doom had died a rich but lonely man.

However, on the ride here, when Elise’s mind was darkened by sadness and her heart pained over the loss of her friends, Xavier had hurt for her. That was rare for him, to care about another’s feelings, especially a stranger’s. He didn’t intend to let the slip of concern be more than that — a slip.