Post Book Debut- Now what?

After I got over the euphoria of, “Wow, I’m a published author,” the next logical step for me was, “What’s next?” Feeling the self-pressure to write and finish another book, I compulsively wrote every chance I could spare. Then I focused on promoting my debut novel, Shadow Watcher. First, it was getting the word out through emails to my writers’ groups. Afterwards, I connected with others on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. Finally, I spread the exciting news to my friends and family.

In the beginning, the payoff was great. I believe I sold more than one copy (smiles). Yet, being published wasn’t enough for me, and for anyone planning to be in the publishing industry for the long haul, the accomplishment shouldn’t be the end all. Which meant, write the next book, and promote, promote, promote the current one.

Though Shadow Watcher is available as a digital copy at,, and Ibooks/Itunes, I was still an unknown, a minnow in the ocean of writers and books. Recently, I made a trip to my local Barnes and Noble store, and as an author versus a reader/buyer, I was astounded by the upstream swim I’d have to make to be noticed by anyone. Plus, I write in a genre (romance) and subgenre (paranormal) that is hard to be a break-out star in.

However, they (editors, authors, and agents) say to write what you know. Well, I understand and love romance. I read romance of all subgenres voraciously, but my favorite is paranormal romances. I love being immersed in another world and as a writer, I enjoy the firing of brain synapses as I world build in my own books.

Currently, I’m experimenting with getting my name out there. I’m keeping tabs and tallies of what works and what doesn’t. Give me three months, and I’ll share my results. For now, there are several events coming up I’d like my friends to be a part of just so I can brag and say I have a great and supportive group of friends and readers. Here are the events. I hope you’ll stop by and say, “Hi.”

Friday September 21st– Anne Bourne’s blog- Find out who my first pick publisher was, how many agents I was rejected by, how long it took me to write Shadow Watcher, and why I’ve been so cranky for the last three months.

Tuesday September 25th– I’ll be one of three panelists, along with my editor, chatting about Other Worlds: Why We Love Paranormal Romance Free Webinar. Register at this link: