Crimson Romance debuts Shadow Watcher

 Finally! A dream realized. Shadow Watcher debuts today. A year and a half to write. Five different stories whittled down to one. Rejected by two agents. Accepted by my first choice publisher. Thank you Crimson Romance (F+W media) for taking a chance on a new author.  Dust to dust. Ashes 2 dreams. Ashlyn = dream in Irish. No, I’m not Irish but I’m hoping for the luck of one. Buy Shadow Watcher at,, and Itunes.




    So proud of you!! We’ll celebrate at Emerald City, okay?


  2. I’m so excited for you. I remember sitting next to you at last Emerald City in that funny query critique workshop and I just knew you were only a short time from your first sale. How? Because you were so focused.

    Happy happy dance!


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