Finding a Balance

Hats off to Joe Salter, the man who can juggle while competing in a triathlon.  He’s the first person to do it.  Here’s the link to the video if you want to watch him in action.

Since my first MS is done, submitted, accepted and contracted with a release date of September 10th, I’m on to my next project while I wait for edits from my editor.  Last night, I thought about what I wanted to blog about.  The words balance and juggle came to mind.  Then I saw Joe Salter’s story on MSN this morning.  A sign.

Joe Salter’s accomplishment affirmed my decision to write about the struggles of juggling my writer’s life with my real life and trying to find a wholesome balance without sacrificing one for the other.  For me, my real life pays the bills.  I can’t afford to not work but I also can’t stop writing.  My muse refuses to be silenced after it was jump-started by that damn Disney movie that had inspired me to write.

Finding a workable balance is hard.  There are countless emails to respond to, others’ works to read and critique, and stories to write.  Not to mention, my house is a mess, there are six or seven loads of laundry to do weekly, my family needs to eat (lots of overcooked or burnt dinners lately) but I also like to carve out time for reading and socializing.  Who doesn’t like parties, especially when bubbly drinks are served?

Joe Salter made juggling while swimming, running and bicycling look easy but I’m positive he practiced like crazy.  And that’s one of the answers.  Practice helps us get closer to perfection.  In my life, I juggle family time with full-time work and writing and connecting with others through different social media outlets and writers’ groups.

It can be exhausting.  Yet I remind myself that by learning to manage my time and prioritize my tasks now, I’m practicing for when things get crazier down the line after my first book’s release.  I’ll keep on practicing, but will I ever find my perfect balance?  I doubt I will and I don’t want to.  Just like Joe Salter, I love a good challenge.